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from Staes – Degrave – Beyen – Boels - Pyson families

This picture is the homepage image from the Staes – Degrave – Beyen – Boels - Pyson genealogy website at
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Aaf and Johannes Engelfriet family, Netherlands

The Engelfriet family in 1925, with father Johannes and mother Aaf. Made for the 20th wedding anniversary of Johannes and Aaf. from left to right   : Piet, father Johannes, Maria, Cornelia, Lena, mother Aaf, Johannes, Theo   This is the same family several years later, with an added friend or relative. These photos are from .  The site is in Dutch but Google translate helps.

Maria and Jef Buellens family, WWII Netherlands

The large Beullens family with top left to right: Sooi, Rachel, Louis, Jet, Frans, Marie, Roos and Torre. Below: Nie, father Jef Beullens, Mother Maria Clementina and Pauline. from  Chronicles of Leest . The above link has some interesting stories of the family from the wartime.  

Bonikowsky family with 8 of 16 children, from Nowo Rudni, Ukraine

Photo and story from  FATE OF THE GERMAN BAPTIST PASTORS: Russian Volhynia, 1929-1938 Emil J. Bonikowski and his family "immigrated to Canada in July 1926 and served churches in Saskatchewan. Retired in 1941 and moved to Kelowna, BC. He died on October 20, 1967, in Medicine Hat, AB at the age of 86. Family: wife, Maria, and 16 children, Erich, Oscar, Erwin, Alma, Helmut, Agnes, Frieda, Arthur, Bill (still living in Kelowna), Rubin, Harry, Alice-Lillian, Helen, Bruno, Agnes (named in memory of her sister who died as a young child), and Benno. Maria died in Kelowna of cancer in 1959."

Arndt family from Ukraine

From the book  The Old Country: Real Stories by those who have their roots in Volhynia, Russia (Ukraine) by Donald N. Miller. See end of post for more info. (a book in my personal library) Click to see photo larger. The photo shows 7 of the 8 children of Julius S. Arndt, from 4 mothers. Source of photo and story: The Old Country: Real Stories by those who have their roots in Volhynia, Russia (Ukraine). Available from author here: Library reference info:

Jordan Family, 1850

Ed Lambert and family, 1878