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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Francis Samuel (Bud) Johnson and family

This is the Bud Johnson family of Pike County, Arkansas. Names are on the photo itself. One son remains unlisted. The picture is from Ancient Faces, at

I am really depressed about this poor gentleman's unbuttoned waistcoat! Imagine how humiliating it would be to get those photos back and have no option for a retake.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Van Arkel, Gorenflo, Robertson, Baughman, Shook, Hightower, and Rush families, from Ancient Faces

Photo of Jan and Judith Van Arkel and children. Probably taken about 1880. Another daughter, Marie, born Sept 7, 1863, died at the age of 8 months. This shows 9 children (no in-laws).

The family members are (not in photo order):
Judik (known as Judith) (nee Ver Ploegh) Van Arkel, b Apr 28, 1825
Jan Van Arkel, b Sep 14, 1822
Ellen (nee Van Arkel) Brand, b Jun 23, 1866
Dirkje (known as Dorothy) (nee Van Arkel) DeKock, b Oct 26, 1859
Henry Van Arkel, b Oct 27, 1869
Nicholas Van Arkel, b Nov 20, 1857
Aartje (nee Van Arkel) Ver Ploeg, b Sep 28, 1865
Leendert Van Arkel, b Oct 23, 1855
Martinus ( known as Marion) Van Arkel, b May 2, 1868
Henrietta (nee Van Arkel) VanDer Linden , b Oct 1, 1853
Angeline (nee Van Arkel) De Bruyn, b Feb 14, 1861

The picture is from Ancient Faces, at

This family has 4 children plus one on the way. This is the last family photo taken (January 1919). In April 1919 the father was injured and killed by a train in Madison county NC, 1 month before the baby was born.
L to R: Grover Gorenflo, age 10; Clarence Terry Gorenflo, age 35, holding George Fredrick Gorenflo, age 1; Gladys Gorenflo, age 15; Lelia Treadway Gorenflo, age 34; Clarence T Gorenflo Jr., age 5. The Mother Lelia is pregnant with Learlean Marie Gorenflo (Gibbs).

The picture is from Ancient Faces, from


Jan 2008: Terri writes that Grover, the little boy on the left, is her grandfather. His children are Vista, Era, and Terry. She has other pictures, as well as a baby book of the only child of Gladys, the oldest daughter above, which includes his first hair cut sample. Thank you for writing, Terri, it's wonderful to hear more about these wonderful pictures.

This photo is of the Thomas Haskell Robertson household around 1915 in Mead ,Oklahoma. Thomas died within a year after this photo.
Front, left to right: Thomas H Robertson, 35 yrs, Buck, Birtie, Simon, Clara L (nee Nolty), Mattie, Alice
Back: Fred Nolty,Jr. and Carrie Nolty, relatives of Clara.

The picture is from Ancient Faces, at

Nine of thirteen children and parents in the Phillip H and Elizabeth Jane Baughman family.
Front: Ida Bell BAUGHMAN, 35 yrs, b May 5, 1872; Phillip Henry BAUGHMAN, 70, b Feb 28, 1837; Elizabeth Jane Armstrong BAUGHMAN, 63, b Jan 14, 1844; Mary Catherine, 48, b May 16, 1859
Back: Cora Elizabeth "Lizzie" BAUGHMAN, 26, b Nov 27, 1881; James Franklin BAUGHMAN, 32, b Aug 24, 1875; Charles Thomas BAUGHMAN, 37, b Mar 3, 1870; William Henry BAUGHMAN, 40, b Mar 10, 1867; Samuel Phillip BAUGHMAN, 24, b Aug 15, 1883; John Wesley BAUGHMAN, 43, b Apr 7, 1864; Harvey Walter BAUGHMAN, 19, Jun 17, 1888

The picture is from Ancient Faces, at

Family of George Washington Shook and Emma Holberg Shook.

Front: Emma J Holberg Shook, 40 yrs, b Dec 19, 1885; baby Eldon D Shook, b Feb 1925; George W Shook, 42, b Dec 28, 1883; Forest L Shook, 4, b Aug 13, 1921
Back: Myron Shook, 7, b Aug 7, 1917; Alma Shook, 13, b Dec 5, 1911; Dorothy Shook, 18, b May 23, 1906; Otis Shook, 11, b Jul 31, 1914

I was sure the parents were about 25!

The picture is from Ancient Faces, at

Seven of the eight children of Cora Cantrell & William Pinkney Hightower. Names below are not in photo order, but in date of birth order.
Sanford Lee Hightower, b Nov 24, 1901; John Hightower, b May 17, 1902; Frank Thomas Hightower, b Aug 27, 1903; Floyd Remington Hightower, b Feb 18, 1905; Seeborne Arnold Hightower, b Aug 30, 1906; Lillie Mae Hightower, b Jun 28, 1913; Ora Anthem Hightower, b Jan 31, 1914.

This picture is from Ancient Faces, but I can't locate the exact page to link to.

Front: John Howard Rush, 8 yrs, b 1901; Newton N. Rush, b Apr 21, 1866; Ike Rush; Ethel Simpson Rush; baby Oliver Rush;
Back: Nancy Clementine Floyd Rush, b 1886, Brilla Caroline Rush; and an unknown Simpson (related to Ethel)

The picture is from Ancient Faces, at

Whitehead, Mangan/Young, Boone, Emery, Spencer, Setty/Adams, Hamilton, and Bean families

Edward C. and Mollie Whitehead family, taken October 22, 1915, taken in front of the Strang or Whitehead Hotel, which they owned.

Front, left to right: Jack Whitehead, b Sep 23, 1902; Edward C Whitehead, b 1854; Mollie Whitehead, b Mar 29, 1863 with Gladys Whitehead, b Feb 24, 1913; Susie Whitehead, b Mar 29, 1905
Back: Neill Whitehead, b Apr 11, 1896; Walt Whitehead, b Dec 4, 1893; Nell Whitehead, b Nov 11, 1891; Arch Whitehead, b Jan 28, 1899; Edith Whitehead, b Oct 24, 1881; George Whitehead, b Jul 2, 1887

The picture is from Ancient Faces, at

Possible family names are Mangan or Young. That would be the oldest daughter holding the toddler. Or maybe there are two wives?
The picture is from Ancent Faces, at

Charles and Mary Odessa Aldridge Boone and their twelve children, 1929.

Left to right:
Charles Emmett Boone, 57; Mary Odessa Boone, 51; John Andrew Boone, 33; Alpha May Boone Link, 31; Ella Ree Boone Poff, 29; Vivian Isma Boone Board, 28; Garnett Ila Boone Reed, 25; Charles Clifton Boone, 23; Walter Leslie Boone, 21; Mary Hazel Boone Conner, 18; Frances Wilma Boone Lucas, 16; Virginia Clair Boone Metzler, 14; Clarence Elbert Boone, 12; Amelia Elizabeth Boone Ragland, 8.

The picture is from Ancient Faces, at

Omri and Martha Emery with 12 of their 16 chidren. This photo was taken in 1902 on their Golden wedding anniversary.

Front: Esta B. Emery, b Jul 25, 1870; Frank P. Emery, b Jul 25, 1875; Martha Jane (Mattie) Emery, b Sep 15, 1878
Middle: Lillie Etta Emery, b Nov 7, 1868; Aaron W.R. Emery, b Feb 24, 1857; Omri W.R. Emery, b Sep 27, 1830; Martha (old prophets wife) McIntire, b Jan 31, 1837; Leonard Day Emery, b Oct 11, 1855
Back: Andrew "And" Emery, b Dec 4, 1861; Ezra Milton "Zeb" Emery, b Mar 10, 1860; Ernie S. Emery, b Sep 15, 1871; George M. Emery, b May 9, 1873; Ida May Emery, b Jan 13, 1867; Addie Eva Emery, b Mar 24, 1865 (picture added in)

The picture is from Ancient Faces, at

Family photo of seven Spencer sisters. Front row left to right, back row left to right: Verna, Florence, Ura, Sarah, Tressie, Nellie, Irene.

The picture is from Ancient Faces, at

Sinking Springs, OH Family. Names may be Setty and/or Adams.

This is from Ancient Faces, but I can't seem to find the direct link again.

Hamilton Family, c 1918, Buford, Georgia (Gwinnett County).
Front: Lula Hamilton, 32 yrs, b Jul 25, 1886; Christine Hamilton, 8, b Dec 1, 1910; John Hamilton, 57, b Dec 21, 1861; Lora Broadwell Hamilton, 50, b Jan 17, 1868; Lena Hamilton Doss, 25, b Oct 3, 1893; Claude Hamilton, 27, b Aug 31, 1891
Back: Otis Hamilton, 34, b Oct 21, 1884; Floy Hamilton, 13, Jun 17, 1905; Clyde Hamilton, 16, b Jan 1, 1902; Byron W. Hamilton, 19, b Jun 23, 1899; Bell Hamilton Burell, 22, b Nov 5, 1896

If I've calculated correctly, the oldest child was born when his mother was 16 yrs 9 mos, and the youngest when she was almost 43, making them more over 26 years apart in age.

The picture is from Ancient Faces, at

George Washington Bean family in Utah. The picture is from Ancient Faces at

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Parker, Quick, Tuck, Munson, Morgan, Logan, Munroe, Breitenbucher, Akers, and Marshall families

The photos in this post are all from Ancient Faces family-research-photo-sharing website. Specific links are under each photo.

Omie Parker Jr. family, TN. Omie Parker is probably one of the sons.


Heenan And Sara Quick family. Left to right: Alonzo Adam Quick, b Aug 30, 1897; Bertha Mae Quick, b Feb 30, 1900; Everette Litton Quick, b Aug 18, 1895; Heenan Jacob Quick, b Mar 24, 1864; Richard Henry Quick, b Mar 23, 1902; Sara Arizona Cross, b Aug 23, 1877; Bessie Elizabeth Quick, b Jul 27, 1894


This is a photo of James (Jim) Madison Tuck and family. Contributor to Ancient Faces writes, "I believe 'Sallie' to be his 3rd spouse and some of the children in the photo may be from his second marriage to Ellen Creekmoore. I have found James and Sallie living in Choctaw County Oklahoma in 1920 census, James age 67 and Sallie S. age 47. " Picture is from

This may be 'my' biggest family so far.

Charles Elmer Munson and Mary Florence(Boughan)Munson and their family, 1940.
Names on photo. From

Mary Lou nee Cook Morgan and her six children. Her husband was Dr. John William Morgan and their children are, back row left to right, Charles, Grace, George, Margaret, Emma, and Van Buren. From

This picture was sent to the LOGAN family in Saskatchewan. This could be a picture of the HOGG or LOGAN family, taken in Ontario during the late 1800s or early 1900s. Even if all the apparent couples (all those in the back plus the man seated right) are taken to include an in-law, there are eight children in the family.

I can't seem to find the direct link for this again, but got it from Ancient Faces.

These are the Munroe children; Jean Munroe, 13 yrs, Paul Munroe, b 1933; Louis Munroe, b 1934; Philip Munroe, b 1936; Floyd Munroe, b 1938

Family of George Henry Breitenbucher, taken in Alexandria, Missouri. Date of photo and corresponding ages are estimated.

Names... (all surnames are Breitenbucher)
Front: Sophie, 20 yrs, b Sep 20, 1890; George Henry, 61, b Jul 6, 1851; Darwin M., 9 b Nov 11, 1901; Cassie nee Baldwin, 52, b Aug 15, 1858; Bessie Belle, 16, b Jan 19, 1895
Back: Louis Osmer, 31, b Aug 30, 1879; Henry Dane, 29, b May 29, 1881; George Benjamin, 26, b Jul 24, 1884; William Frederick, 22, b Aug 19, 1888; Harold Bertram, 13, b Mar 19, 1897; Voiles Gallager, 11, b May 24, 1899


John and Bessie Akers and Family - Terre Haute IN; 1937

Front: Bessie Earlene Akers, 8 yrs, b Jan 28, 1929; Ernest Leroy Akers, 24, b Oct 9, 1913; Donald Ray Akers, 4, b Mar 26, 1933
Back: Robert Leo Akers, 17, b Dec 16, 1920; Paul Edward Akers, 22, b Dec 18, 1915; John Everett Akers, 19, b Mar 4, 1918; John Isaac Akers, 46, b Nov 15, 1891; Bessie May Walker Akers, 46, b Aug 20, 1891; Wilma May Akers, 2, b Nov 18, 1934


HP Marshall family outside their hand built cabin on their Alberta farm.

Back, left to right: Audrey Marshall, b Feb 4, 1924; Harry P Marshall, b Jun 18, 1889; Molly Marshall, b Dec 22, 1915
Middle: Jean Marshall, b Jul 24, 1925; Eva Bunce Marshall, b Sep 1, 1892; Alma Marshall, b Aug 21, 1926
Front: Donald Marshall, b Sep 29, 1929; Harold Marshall, b Oct 11, 1932


Saturday, December 1, 2007

Leiper, Eldridge, and Lund families

Charles Leiper & Eva Mable Mallow-Rice family, 1946

Parents: Charles Leiper Rice, Eva Mable Mallow-Rice; children: Evelyn Grace Rice-Martz, Elsie Marie Rice-Hymes, Carl Wade Rice, Kenneth Charles Rice,
Willis Ray Rice, Earl Lawrence Rice, Allen Eugene Rice, born Dec 1946, Glen Thomas Rice


The Stephen Eldridge family were pioneers of Hat Creek, Wyoming. They survived the effects of the 'Johnson County Wars', without the death of any family member.This photo was taken in front of their homestead near Hat Creek, WY.

Front, left to right: Minnie Eldridge-Galloway, b Jul 25, 1892; mother, Ann Elizabeth Long-Eldridge, b Sep 5, 1854; Sarah Delora Eldridge-Clapp, b Feb 20, 1880; father, Stephen Eldridge, b Oct 6, 1848
Back: Homer Eldridge, b Sep 5, 1883; Thomas Eldridge, b Oct 5, 1888; Manzona Eldridge, b Jun 5, 1876; Cora E. Eldridge-Atwill, b Apr 8, 1890


This is the family of Peter Petersen Dam Lund and his wife Alida Sophie Liddie/Lydia nee Wold in about 1905. They are with their first 6 children. Their 7th and last child was born in 1911. Pictured are left to right: standing back row Jens Jensen Lund, Thomas Jorgenson Lund (tall boy), and their daughters, Emma Josephine Lund and Dora Cecelia Lund. Seated in front left to right are: the father, Pete Lund; son Elmer James Lund; and the youngest son in curls, Frank Merril Lund; the mother , Alida nee Wold Lund. In the very front, sleeping on the floor, the careful observer will notice the family dog. The was taken in a studio, so getting that dog to be so cooperative must have been a challenge! The dates and histories of the individuals in the photo will appear with their individual portraits over time. This photo was taken at or near Meckling or Vermillion in South Dakota.