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Monday, May 28, 2007

Four wonderful new pictures...

that arrived in the mail in the past week. I just love these. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do! (Please? I paid really good money for them! LOL)

Here's one that I got to qualify for the MegaFamily board. Just a nice size family!

The above photo says "Dr. Cosner, Dec. 1920" I love the chubby-cheeked toddlers, and the little one looks so cheeky with that grin, perhaps not quite as dignified as her doctor father!

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Two more great old photos

Here are two more wonderful photos from Melanie. I love this first one particularly. Mom and youngest son are looking off to the side at some distraction. I would have been so annoyed if I were Ma!

Melanie doesn't have names for this one. She only knows the people are from her mother's side of the family.

Melanie writes: "This is a generation picture. I don't know the date, but I'm guessing it was taken in the late 1800's, early 1900's. Writing on the picture identifies each of the women, Grandma Schwartz, Dorothy, Great Grandma Johannes, Grandma Rosing.
I am not sure if Grandma Schwartz and Grandma Rosing are both from the same generation (grandmothers of Dorothy?) or if Grandma Schwartz is the daughter of Grandma Rosing. I just know they are all from my mother's side of the family."

My opinion, just going from the picture but not knowing the family, is that the women on either side are definitely related by blood, they look so much alike; to me they look like mother and daughter. My guess is that they are both labeled "Grandma" because they are both Grandma to someone - for example, my husband's grandmother is called "Nana" sometimes and "Great-Nana" sometimes in our family, confusing the children. You can post your own opinion in the comments!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

A family through the years - from Mel again....

Franz Zimmerman family, with the first 4 children - taken around 1905. (This is a guess based on little Erhard's birthdate and his approximate age in the picture.) The father Franz in this picture is the same Franz who is the son of Fritz Zimmerman in the second picture in the previous post from Melanie (the post just below this one). Franz was a farmer who lived in Wisconsin. Franz and Alma had another child, Roland, after this picture was taken. Both parents and all of the children were born in Wisconsin. Franz and Alma were married in 1896 in Wisconsin.
Left to right
Back: Walter (1901-1994), Franz (father 1869-1943), Herbert (1898-1928)
Front: Hilda (spelled correctly 1899-1991), Erhard (1904-2006), Alma Hohenstern (mother 1877-1950)

Franz and Alma Zimmerman's 5 children - taken about 1910 (This is a guess based on Roland's birthdate and his approximate age in the picture.)
Left to right
Back: Hilda (1899-1991), Walter (1901-1994)
Center: Roland (1908-1981)
Front: Erhard (1904-2006), Herbert (1898-1928)
***These are all of the children of born to Franz and Alma Zimmerman. They are the same children as in the pictures above, except for the addition of Roland. The whole family was born in Wisconsin.

Franz and Alma Zimmerman's 4 adult children - taken in 1930's or 1940's? (guessing by their ages and the fact that brother Herbert who died in 1928 isn't in the picture)
Left to right:
Hilda Zimmerman Justman (1899-1991), Erhard Zimmerman (1904-2006), Walter Zimmerman (1901-1994), Roland Zimmerman (1908-1981)

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

From Mel - a friend from a moms' online social group

This is the same group Denise from New Zealand is from also. Melanie sent a number of wonderful pictures - and I am going to split them up just to make them last a little longer! These are really big pictures if you click on them, and definitely worth a look!

Melanie also sent great family information - so if you're a family researcher who found us while doing research, welcome!

Here is the August Justman family - taken around 1918

Left to right
Back: Esther (1894-1978), Adela (1901-1996), George (1888-1928), Walter (1896-1975), Alvin (1890-1924)
Front: Ella (1892-1953), Ernestine (nee Wendegatz, mother, 1866-1950), Malinda (spelled correctly, standing 1906-1992), Herbert (seated in very front 1908-1966), August (father 1856-1925), Paul (1887-1966)
***There were 2 other children who died before this picture was taken, Elmore (1898-1901) and Mathilde (spelled correctly 1904-1912).
August was a farmer. He, Ernestine, and all the children were born in Wisconsin. August and Ernestine were married in 1886 in Wisconsin.

And here is the Friedrich (nicknamed Fritz) Zimmerman family - taken around 1892 or 1893 (This is a guess based on little Minna's birthdate and her approximate age in the picture.)

Melanie writes:
I'm not sure I have all the children labelled correctly, but I think so. The names are correct, but the order may not be.
Left to right:
Back: Franz (1869-1943), Johanna (nicknamed Hanna, 1872-1951), Mathilda (spelled correctly, 1867-1947), Carl (1870-1936)
Front: Edward (1883-1963), Fritz (father 1843-1902), Maria (nee Voss, mother, 1846-1918), Minna (littlest girl 1888-1970), Hulda (spelled correctly 1880-1949)
***Fritz was a farmer. His actual given name was John Friedrich William Zimmerman. He was born in Cortentin (Corentin?), Pommern, Germany. Papers were found dated February 15, 1845, indicating his family's immigration to the US. The family settled in Wisconsin.
Maria and all the children were born in Wisconsin. Fritz and Maria were married in 1865 in Wisconsin.


Saturday, May 19, 2007

The Best family, from Denise in New Zealand

Denise writes:
Only 12 children are in the photo. Two more are born later! I would guess that this was taken in the very late 1920s or very early 1930s.

Best Family - New Zealand
Standing L to R:
Keith, Hazel, Lorna, Bill, Violet, Aubrey (Manny), Ivor
Front L to R:
Beris, Patricia, Clive (Father), John, Susan (Mother), Molly, Ray

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

My mother's family....

This is my mom's family, about 1949. Mom is the little girl in the front. Her name is Margaret. Behind her are the three boys next oldest, Clarence, Rodney, and Wayne. In the back from left to right are Doreen, Laura (the oldest) Al (Alfred), and Eileen, and then is their mother, Minnie, holding baby Geraldine (Gerry), and then father George. My grandmother Minnie had MS, and passed away when my mother was 13 and Gerry was 9. A few short months later Gerry also died, from a heart problem never properly diagnosed. So my mom lost both her mother and her closest sister in the space of a few months.

This is the only photo that I know of with the whole family together.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Thank you again, Shirley!

Here are some more great pictures from Shirley...I will soon be adding a link to her Ebay store in thanks for her many wonderful pictures here - please take a look at the Links section to the right and check out her items!

Back reads, left to right: Ike Hill, Mrs Kite, Etta Hill, Mr & Mrs Howard of Marshall, Nell Nichols, Ebb Nichols & the 2 old folk in the front you know. Signed; Aunty

Back reads "Good family portrait." Are these a family surnamed Good, or did the family just think this was a good quality portrait? Anyway, I love the faces in this one, just wish I could see them a little better. To me it looks like several older siblings, and their descendents.

Back reads: Family Reunion, then looks like Kathryn Sloven

The above is a Photo Postcard: Addressed to Mrs P.H. Zopf (Clara) , Waterloo, Iowa - Signed Louise and all.

The above has no names on it, but to me it definitely looks like the mother and her daughters beside her, and granddaughters in the back. Not a large immediate family necessarily, but I love generational pictures.

Taken at Anderson Photographer - Kansas City, Missouri
Back Reads: Before 1898 - Nellie Grant is 2nd from left in front

Now for some more large reunions. The photos are not very high resolution so you won't see a lot of detail but aren't they great?

Cecil Family - Taken Wray, Colorado - Aug 25, 1946

Walt Cross and Family - Probably taken Cope or Wray, Colorado

Family Reunion Photo - Probably taken Wray or Cope Colorado
Part of the Palmer / Cross / Cecil / Romine Family

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

These arrived today, from Shirley...

in Colorado. Many thanks, Shirley - What a gem!

Above taken: K. Sorensen & Co - Malmo - 57 Ostra Forstadsgatan

Above: Written on back is
Adrian Spoon Family - Nov 10, 1915;
Left to right: Adrian - Mom - Floyd - Cleo - Faye - Adrain

Above: This is The Hol(e)man Family - Norton, Kansas

Leonard B) 11/30/1885 - M) Lola Elva Romine, B) 11/30/1885, dau of Allen Lewis Romine & Nancy Roun(d)tree

Children: Elsie, Ruth, Burton, LeRoy, Alice, John, Sally & Allen

Above: This is Dick's Family

Taken From Island Brook, P.Q. - Newspaper article.

These all arrived yesterday....

The above is the family of Anton and Mary Psenciks. It also says the name Emma H., perhaps to whom the photo was given.

Monday, May 7, 2007

From "Shirley" in Colorado

From Jackie, "This is a photo of my Mother's family, the O'Sullivan's, taken in Windsor, Ontario in 1935. My Mother, Mary Frances, in the foreground, was the youngest of 12 (one died as an infant/small child). My Mom was about 12 years old at the time of this picture.

From Canadian Archive: Horace Brown family: George, 11, Will, 8, Carrie, 6, Clarence, 3, Alex, 9, Morton, 13. Dad, 47, Ma, 44.