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Children of Lewis H.J.and Mourning Conner

Back row left to right: Zack, Frank, & Jack Front left to right: Betty, Lucinda, Mary, Amanda & Iduma The photo was taken in 1937. It is linked from Ancient Faces at

Griffee siblings

The Ancient Faces contributor of this photo wrote, "These are the brothers of Amanda Ellen Griffee Gordon, my great grandmother. She and my great grandfather traveled back from Kansas to Indiana in the early 1900's when this picture was taken."

The picture is taken from

Ten Henrichsen brothers and sisters

Here, youngest to oldest, are the children of Julius and Emma Henrichsen taken at the 1970 reunion held at Sunset Park, Rosenberg, TX. From left to right: Hilda Rosenbaum (1910-1984); Ben Hendricks (1907-1971); Walter Henrichsen (1905-1986); Louis Henrichsen (1902-1981); Fred Henrichsen (1901-1987); Will Hendricks (1899-1981); Adolph Henrichsen (1897-1978); Minnie Hafer (1895-1978); Louise Hafer (1894-1981); Henry Hendrickson (1892-1970)

One very interesting thing about this family is how many different spellings of the surname there are. One or two could be take as typographical errors, but it sounds like three of the brothers "Anglicized" their names to Hendricks or Hendrickson. And it also sounds like two sisters may have married brothers, as they both have the same married name.

This is from Ancient Faces at

Kate Bodishbaugh and six of her seven children

Family reunion photo for Catherine 'Kate' (Tennes)(Mrs. Fred) Bodishbaugh, and her grown children, (L-R) Anthony, Charles, Alice, Will, Molly, and Rosa. Daughter Ida May died at age 14.

This photo is from Ancient Faces at

Family of John Allen & Mary Elizabeth (Thomas) Grace, two pictures 14 years apart

These photos are both from Ancient Faces family research photo-sharing site.

Here is the Grace family in 1887. From

Here is the family in 1901. It looks like another daughter came after the first photo was taken.

It's from

Presgraves family

I believe this to be a family with 11 children. I think the father and mother are sitting centre, and the older daughters are married (their husbands are present also) and the older sons are not.

47th yearly reunion!

This is from Ancient Faces, at

First five of 14 children of Francois Xavier Rachal and Mary Julia Roueg(Rueg)

Their names are Maceo, Frank, Lillie, Corbert, and Jettie. The picture is from Ancient Faces at

Four siblings outside a large tent

This is an unnamed family. The photo was found in Crawford county, Arkansas.
The picture is from Ancient Faces at

Horner family

The two photos above are of the daughters and sons of Frederick H. and Malona Horner. Photos taken in Ava, Douglas county, Mo.
The daughters' names and birthdates are: Eliza Francis (Cis), b Aug 14, 1864; Tine E. (Ellen), b Apr 4, 1875; Mary Margaret (Doll) Horner, b Jun 18, 1870; Vinia S. (Rett), b Feb 8, 1888.
The sons are: John, b Jan 28, 1871; Charles Sterling, b Dec 14, 1873; Frederick H. , b Mar 4, 1877; Mack, b 1892; Loyal Douglas (Kidd), b Feb 8, 1884.
This account is a great example of nicknames! The pictures are from Ancient Faces, at and

Five Cantrell brothers

These are the Cantrell brothers, sons of Lawrence Albert Cantrell and Paralee Elkin. Their names are, from left to right, Henry, Milford, Robert, Vearnie, and Lloyd.

The picture is from Ancient Faces, at

Daniel and Renta Tanner with six of 13 children.

Daniel Webster Tanner 05/26/1869 and his second wife, Renta Godbolt Tanner. The children are from his first wife Margaret Melinda. They are Sarah Ann, Mabel, Sam, Betty, Linnie, and Victora. Other children not in photo are Jesse, little Joe, Lilee, Willie, Archie, Hall, and Betty. This picture is from Ancient Faces, at

William and Mary Shields and family

left to right:
Lorene Shields seated, Mary Melinda Miller Shields with baby(?), the youngest standing boy's name isn't known, the oldest boy standing at back is Hosea Shields; William Martin Shields with dog, and Maude Shields seated.

The picture is from Ancient Faces, at

Here is an picture of the same family several years earlier. It shows a second-oldest boy called Albert, who isn't in the photo above. Perhaps he passed away in the meantime. This photo is from

James Lacy and Pearlilee Herd and family

Taken 1902 Left to Right: Jesse, John (standing), Gertrude in lap of James Lacy Herd, Lee (standing), Pearlilee Hughes Herd (sitting), Bertie in mother's lap, Charlie James L. Herd born 6 Sept. 1848 Hancock County, TN, died 10 Dec. 1919, in Jack County Texas. This is James L. Herd's second family; his first family was with Anionette F. Ballard who died 1887 in Fannin County, TX. This picture and information are from Ancient Faces, at

Fritsch Family

Here are Rose and Louis Fritsch with their children, oldest to youngest, Frank, Betty, Donald, Thomas, and Marcia. The picture was taken in front of his parents home on Dayton Street.

The picture is from Ancient Faces, at That page has the family's full names and dates of birth.

Davis children, about 1927

These are five of the six children of Kenneth and Hattie Mae Davis of Idaho.

Back, left to right--Frances, Daryll, Vernon, Louise, and in front, Bill. Russ (Otis) had not been born yet.

This picture is from Ancient Faces, at

Beautiful stairstep family photo with seven Cappel children

This is a beautiful photo. Notice the mother's arm and shoulder on the far right, holding baby still.

It's a picture of John Joseph Cappel (born 1912) and his siblings, one of whom is Vernice (born 1908). It's from Ancient Faces, at

Young Schwenn sisters

The Schwenn sisters, daughters of John (Johann) and Elizabeth, Bellevue, Ohio.
Left to right, Christine, Louise, Loretta, Katherine.

This is from Ancient Faces, at

3 or 4 Howell generations

This is from Ancient Faces, at

Contibutor writes:
"Left to right: Benjamin Howell, George Washington Howell, David Schurley Howell, unknown Howell.
I believe this to be a three or four generation photo. Unknown Howell might be a brother to David."

David Haynes Family; 8 of 11 children

Click to see it nice and big.

This is from Ancient Faces from (photo) and (information)

The contributor there writes: "This photo has the 8 youngest children of David Marion Haynes and Zillia Ann (Holloway) Haynes. The names are as follows with married names in parenthesis: 1st row from right to left, Lydia Ella Velma (Crews), Selma Audrey (Caver), Zillia Ann H, Carey Eunice, David Marion with the family Bible, Bertile "Bertie" (Boyd), Zillia Alice (Borders). 2nd row right to left: John Daniel, Aaron, Moses...we think.

... There were 3 additional older children that were not present."

Walling Family Photo

June 1956

Walling family - Garrett, Mom (Gertrude), Leonard, Jr., Roy, Charles, Naomi, Dianna, Dad (Leonard, Sr.) and David

This is from Ancient Faces, at

William Holton Family

The back of this picture says:

Dad - Tom Holton
Mom - Emily Holton

Homer Clayton Holton

W.T. Holton Family
About 1910

This is from Ancient Faces, at

4 Generations---Finch family history

This is from Ancient Faces, at

It's entered under the Finch family history but there are only first names on the photo.

Grown children of Thomas Darling

This is from Ancient Faces at

Contributor there writes "Group photo of all the brothers and sisters of Thomas Darling fathering. Undated. G.W. Darling was born in the 1830s - he looks like he's in his 30s on here, maybe. So, I figure it was taken around the 1870s or 1880s at the latest."

Poppelwell children

This family photo includes all the children from the family of William and Elizabeth Poppelwell.
They are all born in Dunedin, New Zealand except for Elizabeth the mother who was born in Ireland

They are from left to right:
Henry Kearns (born) 1886
Elizabeth Henry (born) 1853
Ivy (Anna) (born) 1882
Cecil Edmond (Eddie) (born) 1890
William (V) (born) 1850
George William (born) 1884
Colin McLauchlan (born) 1888

This is from Ancient Faces at

The children of William F. and Carita Belknap Hedrick McCarroll

Seated Mary Morrow, Dorothy, Katherine. Standing, John and Carita.

This is from Ancient Faces at

James Robert and Mary McCann Cruse and family

This is from Ancient Faces, at