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Saturday, October 27, 2007

A great source for these pictures....

is local history books. I have found them at libraries and at second-hand stores. They're usually smaller run and slightly less professional-looking (because they have less money behind them). They are extra wonderful because they usually have the families' stories with them. This always makes the pictures so much more interesting! For instance, in one I was just reading last night, one man had 18 children, nine with his first wife who passed away, and nine with his second wife, whom he married when she was just eighteen. His oldest child was also eighteen at the time, if I read correctly. Can you imagine being the step-parent to someone your own age and seven or eight younger ones? Sounds like a hard life. We have a personal friend with a similar story. She helped sew my wedding dress and she and her husband were our wedding "chauffeurs".

more to come

sorry for the long break. I promise to come up with more pictures soon. I still haven't received most of the pictures I bought from Ebay yet (not the sellers' faults, BTW) Thanks for checking in, though! Keep checking.