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Gillette, Carpenter, Parker, and Teague families

New information recieved!  See under first photo.**

Gillette family in front of family home, 1914, with cousin Addie Hale. Along with Addie, the other three girls in the back don't have the surname Gillette, but seem to be included as part of the family by the contributor. Perhaps they were cousins being raised together? Who knows?

Front: Cleveland Gillette, 4 yrs, b May 9, 1910; Daniel Clayborn Gillette, 42, b Mar 18, 1872; Hannah Jones Gillette, 33, b Aug 1, 1881; Lena Gillette, 2, b Oct 24, 1911; Clayborn Gillette, infant, b Jul 9, 1913
Back: Stephen Gillette, 6, b Sep 7, 1907; Richard H Gillette, 11, b Jun 21, 1903; James Gillette, 17, b Oct 1896; Callie Stoutenberg, 13, b May 9, 1901; Algerine Stoutenberg, 10, b Dec 1904; Lula Mae Stoutenberg, 11, b Dec 1903; Addie Hale, 13, b Dec 1901.

**Anonymous writes: These are my grandparents and most of their children. My father is the baby in his mother's arms.  This is a blended family. This is a 3rd marriage for each spouse. The…

Roberts, Tilmon, Griffith, and Burnson/Andersdatter families

George W. Roberts family of Darke County, Ohio. From

Elijah Tilmon & Effie Frances Mardis and their children, of Morgan Co. AL.

Most likely George & Eunice Becker Griffith, and their children. The man behind Eunice is John Henry Griffith.


Ole Burnson with wife Agatha Andersdatter with their nine children. From

Mallory and Smith/Thompson/Tomsen families

Enos and Alice Mallory with children Julie, Ella Irene, Will, Charlie & Dorthea, 1879.


Possibly Ida Smith (b. abt 1862, Fayette Co., TN) and her husband and children. Her husband may be a Mr. Thompson (Tomsen?). The photo was probably made in the 1890's. The photographer's stamp says Chickasha, Indian Territory. The present day town of Chickasha, OK, is in Grady Co., southwest of Oklahoma City. The photograph was saved by Ida's first cousin, Maggie Hall Smith, also of Fayette County, TN.


McLaughlin and Breidenbach families

Family portrait of the James Orr McLaughlin family of southeast Kansas.
Front: James Orr McLaughlin, b 1858; Mattie Rogers McLaughlin; Elizabeth and Belle. Back: John, Charles, and Oliver


Vincent (Vincenz) and Maria Eva Breidenbaugh, originally from Oberbach, Germany, and their children. In Germany his surname was Breitenbach, so this photo may already be on my sute under that name. Photo probably taken on their farm in Defiance, Co. OH


Colyer and Gruna families

Martin T. Colyer, his wife Linn, and their children in front of family home about 1890 to 1900.
Left to right: Martin T., Nellie, 4, Linn, 45, Ellen (Bab), 16, Lilly, 14, Vada, 12, Abe (Ably?), 9.


Gruna family. Front, left to right: Catherine, Julia, (dad) Nicolas, Adam, (mother, not identified), Rose. Back: Caroline, b Aug 12, 1909, Mary


Key, Tatu, Burgess, and Basham families

These pictures are all from Ancient Faces family-research-photo-sharing website. Specific links under each photo.

John Henry Key and family. The names are on the photo, but I can't read the mother's name on this computer. What a handsome family!


William Joseph Tatu family, 1899, on front porch of residence in Buffalo. They are descendents of Francois Xavoir Tatu, who left Doubs, Franche-Comnte, France, in 1833 to emigrate to the US. Wm. J. Tatu, here depicted, is the third generation of that move. The photo was taken June 1890. Aloysia ("Alla") Tatu was 20 years old in the photo.


Frank & Rillie (Swartz) Burgess family In Guthrie, Oklahoma about 1910. I'm pretty sure that's mom and dad, second and third from the left in the back, and all their children.


The John Ellis Basham Family taken circa 1897…

Binkley and Anthony families

These photos are from Ancient faces, family research photo-sharing website. Specific sources below photos.

Studio portrait of the Binkley family, taken approximately 1914.
Front, left to right: Elza, Levi, Marie, Maryetta, Carl
Back: Amos, Rosa, James, Elsie, Sam


Beautiful family. Contributor says this family may be related to Dominick Arneto Anthony or the Cushings of Oregon, probably the Anthony's side of the family. Dominick Arneto Anthony came over from Spain.


Capps and Glassman families

These photos are from Ancient Faces family research photo-sharing website.

Georgia Ann Capps, daughter of George Dickerson, with her husband, children, and her brother.

back: Beulah (Capps) Kinsey, b Jul 24, 1900; Minnie Marie (Capps) Myres, b Jul 27, 1904
front: Joseph William Dickerson, b Nov 11, 1867; William Capps, b May 19, 1861; Georgia Ann (Dickerson) Capps, b Nov 1, 1869; John Marvin Capps, b Apr 2, 1896; Tina (Capps) Ross, b Feb 6, 1891; Luvica (Capps) Striplin, b Sep 13, 1888


Gustave and Sophia Louise Halling Glassman family, abt 1895.

The parents are: Gustave Glassman, 50 yrs, b Dec 1845, and Sophie Louise Halling Glassman, 44, b Nov 18, 1851.
The children are: Mary (Molly) Glassman, 21, b Jul 10, 1874; Carrie E Glassman, 8, b Apr 13, 1887; Friedrick August Albert Glassman, 15, b Sep 21, 1880; John R Glassman, 18, b May 20, 1877; Arthur Charles Glassman, 15, b Sep 20, 1880. I'm not sure all the dates are right - those boy…

Nikolaus, Hamer, Mims/Lilley/Thompson, and Clark families

These photos are from Ancient Faces family research photo-sharing website. Specific links are under each photo.

Family of Karl & Wallpurga ('Collet') Nikolaus


Mr H.C.Hamer (b Jun 29, 1890), Spring Valley, Ill
in Ladd, Peru Princeton Rd. 1 1/2 mi.S. 1 W. 1/2 N. of Ladd


Contributor found this photo with his or her mother's things and believes it is a Mims, Lilley, or Thompson family.


James Clark (b Dec 2, 1824) and Martha Jane Ragsdale (b May 13, 1834) and family, taken 1870. From

Corder family

Corder family, Nathan and Cassie with children Howard, Lilliana, Warren, Audrey (age 6, b Jun 20, 1924), Hazel, and Rebecca. Don't bother clicking as it's a small photo. From

Bridges family

Harry T. Bridges (b Jun 1, 1872) and Sena Brooks Bridges family in Vienna, Illinois


Weber, Ennis, Binkley, Miner, Walsworth, Foster, Mutter, unknown, Rasmussen, Zimmerman, Huff, Gull, Carlsen, Shedd, Sweetwood, Wileman, and Buelow

These are all linked from Ancient Faces. To see the original entry go to and search the names.

Hubert & Anna (Schlepuetz) Weber family portrait, 1911. This is a small photo so don't bother enlarging.
Front: Hubert Weber, aged 50, b Dec 11, 1861; Bertha Weber, 10, b Dec 12, 1901; Anna (Schlepuetz) Weber, 47, b Aug 3, 1864; Julia Weber, 13, Feb 15, 1898
Back: Elizabeth Weber, 20, b Oct 30, 1891; Isabel Weber, 22, b Nov 22, 1889; Katherine Weber, 23, b Feb 23, 1888; Fred Weber, 18, b Sep 12, 1893; Henry Weber, 16, b Oct 22, 1895

Erasmus Augustus Ennis family, 1898. This is a great picture! There are 14 extremely handsome children. Mom is pretty too. Dad? Well lets just say he looks kind of interesting! He must be reasonably handsome under that hair.

Binkley family, 1873. Looks like all siblings; all are Binkleys. Front row: Jacob, Charles, Lovina, Sarah. Back: David, Francis, Almeda, William, and Levi.

Simeon Miner & Zella Mallow family picture. Children's name…

Silver family

Linked from Ancient Faces. To see the original entry go to and search the name.

Silver family, Dec 1953. Tracy, MN.

Front: Donald Thomas Silver, 8, b Nov 26, 1945; Nora J. (Bustad) Silver, 45, b Feb 7, 1908; Bernard J. Silver, 45, b Oct 5, 1908
Back, not sure of order: Patricia Ann Silver, 15, b Apr 24, 1938; Constance Marie Silver, 14, b Sep 21, 1939; Jerome Lee Silver, 18, b Aug 27, 1935; James Allen Silver, 20, b Apr 7, 1933

Talmon, Weir, Shafer, Switzler, Mcginnis, Hawkins, Parsley, Yeager, Lacey, Sanders, Campbell, Morlang, Eckles, Reed, Lesher, Fossett, etc, families

These are all linked from Ancient Faces. To see the original entry go to and search the names.

Talmon family

Weir family, taken Feb 1936.
Front: Charles McEwan Weir, 15, b Jan 3, 1920; Mary Helen McEwan Weir, 5, b Nov 8, 1930; Ann Addison Weir, 48, b May 21, 1888; William McEwan Weir, 13, b Jul 28, 1933
Back: George Weir, 24, b Nov 7, 1911; Charles McEwan Weir, 51, b Oct 11, 1885; Ralph Weir, 23, b Jun 16, 1914

Albert and Nelsena Shafer family portrait, taken December 24, 1908. Amazing family. Children range in age from 26 down to infant.

Babies in front: Edna Geneva Shafer, 3,b Mar 17, 1905; Hazel Nelsena Shafer, 5, b Jan 15, 1903; Mildred Shafer, 6 mos, b Jul 18, 1908
Middle: George Elmer Shafer, 21, b Nov 18, 1887; Albert Shafer, 52, b Sep 28, 1858; Lawrence Chester Shafer, 10, b May 20, 1898; Martha Nelsena Sjurson Shafer, 42, b Apr 11, 1863; Harold Neil Shafer, 8, b Apr 28, 1900; Zona Louise Shafer, 26, b Dec 4, 1882
Back: Josephine Isabelle Shafer, 14, b Jun 19, 1894; O…