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Friday, April 4, 2008

Wade family

This is a photo I purchased from Ebay recently. When I first scanned it, Blogspot had a glitch and wouldn't add it. Now I've put the photo away and will have to find it to see if there is any more info on the back. For the moment, all I know is that this is the Wade family.

New picture from Jim and Michelle, owners of and valued friends!

They very kindly purchased this photo from Ebay some months ago when I was running out of money, and mailed it to me! Thank you so much, Jim and Michelle!

As always, click the picture above to see it larger.

I love the two sets of matching girls' dresses. To me, the matching girls on the left look facially similar enough to be identical twins.

There is no identification on the photo, but the photographer was Wolfenden, in Sheldon, Iowa (IA). If anyone familiar with that town recognizes this large and very handsome family, please let me know!