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Fabulous old-time video clip of family of 18

I just LOVE this! Through Google, I found a business who sells video clips to advertisers etc for big money, but you can see short previews. Here is a 70-second clip of the Peerbolte family.

"In 1929, the Peerbolte family of Illinois claimed the world record for the largest family of 16 children. "
This is just a thumbnail.
Click on the link below to go to the page where you can see the video clip. Make sure you see the part where they get out of their "18-seater limousine" which would be a regular-sized car now, only it fits all 18 as no doubt they didn't have the seating regulations we have now. It looks like an optical illusion to see them all file out of it one by one!

Nitsche family with 8 of 15 children

This is the Nitsche family "with their first 8 children." They had 7 more after. For the source, and the names, see

I noted that three of the 15 children died in infancy, and two of them were in the first eight born to this family. So the photo would really be of the oldest eight children rather than the first eight.

The other baby who died was a twin; his surviving twin lived until early adulthood. All the others married.

Having lost a baby boy at birth myself, I can really sympathize with the heartbreak of these losses, though I know my experience of it would have been very different in many other ways.

Podmore Family

From the Stables family history website, at: The picture above shows Charles and Mary Ann Podmore's (née Stables) family and was taken around 1901. The people shown are:
Back Row (Left-to-Right): Elizabeth Podmore, Charles Podmore, Ethel Podmore, James William Podmore, Betsy Miriam Podmore.
Middle Row (Left-to-Right): Lilian Podmore, Mary Ann Podmore (née Stables), John Henry Bernard Podmore, Florence Podmore, Charles Podmore.
Front Row (Left-to-Right): Doris Podmore (on knee), Edith Hilda Podmore (on floor).
Ethel, Elizabeth, James William and Charles Jnr were Mary Ann's step-children from Charles's previous marriage to Sarah Richardson Townend. The others were her own children.

Lobsinger Family


Quote: "Luke William Lobsinger Family: Luke was one of the sons of Joseph L. Lobsinger who wasn't involved in the Lobsinger Foundry in Mildmay, Ontario. He left home in 1913 and moved to Lake Worth, FL., where he raised his family. Luke was an artist, house painter and interior decorator. Some of his murals are preserved today in homes and apartments in Lake Worth. Shown are, from left, Luke, Jr., Luke, Sr., Phillip A., Catherine, Margaret Ann, wife Mary Jane Ross, and John Ross. Barbara Jane had not yet arrived when this picture was taken."

Photos from a visitor

A visitor sent me some photos.

There is no family information whatsoever, and I don't know where the person got the photos.

Clayton family, Widnes, England

This is a photograph of the Clayton family not long after they moved to Widnes from Liverpool, which was then in the county of Lancashire. It was taken in 1910. From

Twillia family

Taken in 1904. Pictured are Madonna, Anna, Martha, William, Austin, Irl, Clara, Ina,, and Austin, Jr. From

Several families named Wilson

These are all from Ancient Faces.

This is the family of William H. Wilson and Sarah Ellen Wilkerson, taken 1925.

Taken 1890. William H. and Sarah C. (Penisten) Wilson with family; their children, order not known, are Orlah, Sophia, Frank, John, Mattie, Talmadge, Otto, and Charles.

Taken 1887. Family of James Wilson and wife Margaret Carson Wilson. The family started in Hancock Co., West Virginia and moved to Northwest Missouri (Cameron, Missouri in DeKalb Co.)

Taken 1915. In age order, these are: Nancy, 15, Josie, 14, Elza, 9, Elmer, 7, Elva, 5, Elsie, 2, all Wilson. Quite the name choices!

I like how they all have little posies. Oh, except for the oldest boy--it looks like he might have thrown his down!