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Monday, December 15, 2008

McCordic sisters

3 generations

I know this is "only" three generations but it's a beautiful photo, from

Anna Eliza Ellis, her daughter Cordelia Frances Byrne, and granddaughter Eva Byrne.

Norsworthy family - four generations

James Eden family

As you can see there are a couple of bigger families in this picture. The older couple has six children in the photo, and one of them has ten children.

I love family reunions!!!

Chappell siblings

These may be from various Chappell families; I haven't done the research. They're from Ancient Faces.

Seven Chappell children (if it's the same family as the one below there are twelve in total.) The oldest girl doesn't seem that worried about having one sock on and one off. Perhaps she has an injury. There's some type of animal in a tub. Great smiles!! from

Don't they look just like Dad, who's trying to hide on the left?

6 of the 12 Chappell Children
Ray, Josephine, Wilburn, Brenda, Ralph. and Jane

Bottlefeeding the Pig

Miss Elijah Jane Macacin Maxwell, wife of James Wilburn Maxwell; the children are Francis, Sarah, Jesse and Ronald Chappell.

Waller family

family of Ballard Cecil Waller and Betty Mae Hurdleston Waller, from

Roper Family

Family of Samuel Marion "Bud" and Martha Jane Richards Roper
It looks like about 9 children, plus spouses and grandchildren.

Gagnon families

Four-generation photo: Jean Gagnon and his daughter Georgianna, granddaughter Anna Jolin, and great-granddaughter Micheline Poulin. For more information on this family, see Ancient Faces page For family researchers who find this post, I am not researching the family; I got the photo from the above webpage.

Here are more Gagnon families. I didn't even check to see if they are related to the above. It looks like the same man but it's the wrong era. Perhaps this is a look-alike namesake son? You can research that on Ancient Faces if you're interested.

Taken 1940.
Back: Ernest, Vital, Mathilda, Gerard and Joseph.
Front: Eveline, Jean, Demerise and Justine
Same family in 1945:

Back: Joseph, Ernest, Gaudias, Gerard and Vital
Front: Maria, Eveline, Justine, Alphonsine and Mathilda

And one more Gagnon family. As before, I don't know how/whether they relate to the above families.

They are six brothers: Vital, Mathias, Gaudias, Joseph, Ernest and Archelas

Daniel and Maria Henry (nee Hardy) with 9 of their children

This family had 16 children; this photo shows nine of them. The Ancient Faces page this is from is

Saturday, December 13, 2008

from Kristin

I love this photo! Kristin wrote that she tore this picture out of a magazine years ago, and feels it was probably taken sometime around 1905-1915. Click on the photo for a larger version. Imagine the expense of all those matching girls' shoes!