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Monday, November 30, 2009

Nebraska families

Here are some links to some absolutely beautiful photos of larger families. I can't post the pictures as they are copyright, but they are worth clicking on the links! Most of them include a lot of family history too, which is wonderful! I wish I could make tiny thumbnails to give a taste of them but I don't know how.

Bernard Soester family

Charles Dallegge family

Carl Hickstein family

Clara Zeilinger family, four generations

Claus Martens and family

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

This is from the CD mentioned several posts ago.

Going from facial similarities, I believe many to most of these are siblings.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Here are more pictures from my CD. There's no information about who the people are. Click on the pictures to see them in more detail.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Louthan, Sawyers families

As always, if the photo is from Ancient Faces, go to the link there if you are looking for more information as I do not have any! Thank you.

The following photo is from
L-R, Mollie Elizabthe Louthan Thomas, Orlando Robert Louthan, John Warner Louthan, Lenora Collins Louthan, Myrtle Louthan Moore Smith, Goldie Louthan Groathouse.
These are the children that were still living in 1917. Others had passed on.

The following picture is from
Four Sawyers brothers, taken in Oklahoma:

Name: Birthdate:
George M. Sawyers
Benjamin Terry Sawyers
ca. 1875
Fount Sawyers
ca. 1881
Lewis Alvin Sawyers
Nov 1, 1883

Binkley, Tong, Chapman, and Palmer families

As always, if the photo is from Ancient Faces, go to the link there if you are looking for more information as I do not have any! Thank you.

This one is from
It's a photo of John Binkley, his wife, Mary Elizabeth Henson Binkley, and their family. Center back is Barney Rice Binkley. The 2 babies and the 2 young girls are John and Mary's grandchildren. This leaves me to count 7 siblings in this photo.

The following photo is of the Carl and Clarabel Tong family, take 1965.
Rear: Debra, Judith, Dail
Front: Estella, Clarabel, Carl with Patricia

The following photo is from

This is the Milton & Lucinda Chapman family. I believe the interpretation of the writing on the back would be that the children's names are Myrtle (married name Cummings), William, Cyrus, & Oscar. The photo was taken in Britt, IA.

The following photo is from
It's of the George Palmer family, in 1929. What a lovely family!

Name: Age: Birthdate:
George Anderson Palmer 42 May 3, 1887
Gertrude Brown Palmer 36 Jul 31, 1893
George Orville Palmer 11 Sep 12, 1918
Dorles Gertrude Palmer Curry 9 Dec 19, 1920
Louis Edward Palmer 7 Oct 8, 1922
Gloria Arline Palmer Guminski 5 Jan 10, 1924
Claude Elmer Palmer 3 Mar 14, 1926
Hubert Leon Palmer ? Jan 11, 1929

Unnamed families

These two pictures are from my CD. So there are no names or other information. The first looks like a family of 11 children, and the second one of 9-10.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

McMichen, Gillespie, Longo families

Click the pictures to see them bigger. These photos are from the Ancient Faces website, so as always when the photo is from there, if you would like more information, please go to the link and contact the contributor there. I do not have contact with them, nor do I know any more about the families, or research them.

The first picture is found at This is the William Harvey McMichen family, including his mother Jane Armstrong McMichen, wife Sarah Caroline and 10 of their 11 children. According to the contributor to the Ancient Faces site, this should be their home in Georgia.

Here is the Gillespie family, from Ancient Faces website, at

For names see the photo itself, or go to the link.

This is the Longo family, from The photo is not high quality so don't bother clicking on it.
They are:
Top row, from left to right: Nicola, Donata, Giuseppe, Angela, Giovanni, and Grazia
Second row, from left to right: Assunta, Vito, mother Francesca, father Rocco , and Vincenzo. The little boy with the father is Alfredo
Front: Palma, Cosimo

More unnamed families

More photos from my CD

The children above look kind of like a posed 1-room school group, but so many of them look VERY alike! The boys in overalls must be twins and a brother, and most of the others look so alike as to be siblings to them also.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Some new pictures!

These photos are from a CD collection of photos that I purchased. "There are no commercial rights given or implied with this product. This CD cannot be copied or resold, and must be used solely for personal use."

So don't use the pictures for commercial use, please!