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Thank you Gwen! And new family photo, possibly Mell

I want to give my sincere thanks to Gwen from for featuring this blog and introducing me to a great bunch of fellow old-photo appreciators! I don't promote my blog and kind of assumed there weren't that many others like me out there because I don't know any in real life! It was wonderful to "meet" so many and, being a little unschooled in blog-sharing, I will admit I was a more than a bit flustered at the blog's subscriber count suddenly rising! :) Thank you so much, Gwen!

And "Thank you!" to all of you who subscribed, and to those who left comments.  I set comments for moderation so that I don't miss any, but that means that sometimes one takes a few days to go through.  I do like to reply to them, so please check back soon if you left a comment recently.


In the past few months I went on an Ebay buying spree and spent much more than I should hav…