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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Several families named Wilson

These are all from Ancient Faces.

This is the family of William H. Wilson and Sarah Ellen Wilkerson, taken 1925.

Taken 1890. William H. and Sarah C. (Penisten) Wilson with family; their children, order not known, are Orlah, Sophia, Frank, John, Mattie, Talmadge, Otto, and Charles.

Taken 1887. Family of James Wilson and wife Margaret Carson Wilson. The family started in Hancock Co., West Virginia and moved to Northwest Missouri (Cameron, Missouri in DeKalb Co.)

Taken 1915. In age order, these are: Nancy, 15, Josie, 14, Elza, 9, Elmer, 7, Elva, 5, Elsie, 2, all Wilson. Quite the name choices!

I like how they all have little posies. Oh, except for the oldest boy--it looks like he might have thrown his down!

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