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Monday, March 16, 2009

Deel family

Here is grandma Clarissa ("Clarie") Deel, 6 children, and their families. The five women surrounding their mother in the middle row are daughters Olive, Sarah, Cora or Myra, Inise, and Grace. Third from left in the back row is son Orville. For more names, see the source at The photo is from family research and photo-sharing site Ancient Faces.


Anonymous said...

I like your blog, but the families are so overwhelmingly white. no other ethnicity seems to be represented at all. no black familes, no Jewish familes, no Italian familes. What's with that?

Natalia said...

(I am sorry this took so long--I haven't been getting notifications properly and just saw this today. I wish you had given a name or blog so I could let you know I'd posted it and replied.)

Don't think I haven't noticed it too! You are right except in degree...(I'm pretty sure that there are at least a couple that I did find). I am limited to the sites that I know of and the photos available on Ebay that I could afford.

You can tell Italian or Jewish families from the photos? I can't. Only, maybe, from the name, if it's given. There are probably some here.

I would love it if people knew of sites with large family photos of ethnicities other than Caucasian and would share them with me!

There are many ways that these photos don't represent all of society. When photography was newer it was more expensive, so poorer families of any race or those from less wealthy countries didn't take as many photos or get them taken of themselves. Therefore, poverty wasn't fairly represented either, for a while. Unfortunately, a lot of wealth was concentrated among the northern European races even once in America. African slaves, sadly, were not considered important enough to have many family photos taken and wouldn't have had the money to have it done themselves, in general. This is very early on, of course.

First Nations (native) peoples are also not well represented. One issue with that was that there were very few large families among them, due to low birth rates and probably other factors.

If you are aware of some places where these are available (and I would be allowed to share them, i.e. not limited by copyright) please let me know as I would love to know and post them. If you have some in your own family history, I would very much appreciate a scan to share.

Thank you for writing. I appreciate it.