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Monday, December 3, 2007

Whitehead, Mangan/Young, Boone, Emery, Spencer, Setty/Adams, Hamilton, and Bean families

Edward C. and Mollie Whitehead family, taken October 22, 1915, taken in front of the Strang or Whitehead Hotel, which they owned.

Front, left to right: Jack Whitehead, b Sep 23, 1902; Edward C Whitehead, b 1854; Mollie Whitehead, b Mar 29, 1863 with Gladys Whitehead, b Feb 24, 1913; Susie Whitehead, b Mar 29, 1905
Back: Neill Whitehead, b Apr 11, 1896; Walt Whitehead, b Dec 4, 1893; Nell Whitehead, b Nov 11, 1891; Arch Whitehead, b Jan 28, 1899; Edith Whitehead, b Oct 24, 1881; George Whitehead, b Jul 2, 1887

The picture is from Ancient Faces, at

Possible family names are Mangan or Young. That would be the oldest daughter holding the toddler. Or maybe there are two wives?
The picture is from Ancent Faces, at

Charles and Mary Odessa Aldridge Boone and their twelve children, 1929.

Left to right:
Charles Emmett Boone, 57; Mary Odessa Boone, 51; John Andrew Boone, 33; Alpha May Boone Link, 31; Ella Ree Boone Poff, 29; Vivian Isma Boone Board, 28; Garnett Ila Boone Reed, 25; Charles Clifton Boone, 23; Walter Leslie Boone, 21; Mary Hazel Boone Conner, 18; Frances Wilma Boone Lucas, 16; Virginia Clair Boone Metzler, 14; Clarence Elbert Boone, 12; Amelia Elizabeth Boone Ragland, 8.

The picture is from Ancient Faces, at

Omri and Martha Emery with 12 of their 16 chidren. This photo was taken in 1902 on their Golden wedding anniversary.

Front: Esta B. Emery, b Jul 25, 1870; Frank P. Emery, b Jul 25, 1875; Martha Jane (Mattie) Emery, b Sep 15, 1878
Middle: Lillie Etta Emery, b Nov 7, 1868; Aaron W.R. Emery, b Feb 24, 1857; Omri W.R. Emery, b Sep 27, 1830; Martha (old prophets wife) McIntire, b Jan 31, 1837; Leonard Day Emery, b Oct 11, 1855
Back: Andrew "And" Emery, b Dec 4, 1861; Ezra Milton "Zeb" Emery, b Mar 10, 1860; Ernie S. Emery, b Sep 15, 1871; George M. Emery, b May 9, 1873; Ida May Emery, b Jan 13, 1867; Addie Eva Emery, b Mar 24, 1865 (picture added in)

The picture is from Ancient Faces, at

Family photo of seven Spencer sisters. Front row left to right, back row left to right: Verna, Florence, Ura, Sarah, Tressie, Nellie, Irene.

The picture is from Ancient Faces, at

Sinking Springs, OH Family. Names may be Setty and/or Adams.

This is from Ancient Faces, but I can't seem to find the direct link again.

Hamilton Family, c 1918, Buford, Georgia (Gwinnett County).
Front: Lula Hamilton, 32 yrs, b Jul 25, 1886; Christine Hamilton, 8, b Dec 1, 1910; John Hamilton, 57, b Dec 21, 1861; Lora Broadwell Hamilton, 50, b Jan 17, 1868; Lena Hamilton Doss, 25, b Oct 3, 1893; Claude Hamilton, 27, b Aug 31, 1891
Back: Otis Hamilton, 34, b Oct 21, 1884; Floy Hamilton, 13, Jun 17, 1905; Clyde Hamilton, 16, b Jan 1, 1902; Byron W. Hamilton, 19, b Jun 23, 1899; Bell Hamilton Burell, 22, b Nov 5, 1896

If I've calculated correctly, the oldest child was born when his mother was 16 yrs 9 mos, and the youngest when she was almost 43, making them more over 26 years apart in age.

The picture is from Ancient Faces, at

George Washington Bean family in Utah. The picture is from Ancient Faces at

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