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Parker, Quick, Tuck, Munson, Morgan, Logan, Munroe, Breitenbucher, Akers, and Marshall families

The photos in this post are all from Ancient Faces family-research-photo-sharing website. Specific links are under each photo.

Omie Parker Jr. family, TN. Omie Parker is probably one of the sons.


Heenan And Sara Quick family. Left to right: Alonzo Adam Quick, b Aug 30, 1897; Bertha Mae Quick, b Feb 30, 1900; Everette Litton Quick, b Aug 18, 1895; Heenan Jacob Quick, b Mar 24, 1864; Richard Henry Quick, b Mar 23, 1902; Sara Arizona Cross, b Aug 23, 1877; Bessie Elizabeth Quick, b Jul 27, 1894


This is a photo of James (Jim) Madison Tuck and family. Contributor to Ancient Faces writes, "I believe 'Sallie' to be his 3rd spouse and some of the children in the photo may be from his second marriage to Ellen Creekmoore. I have found James and Sallie living in Choctaw County Oklahoma in 1920 census, James age 67 and Sallie S. age 47. " Picture is from

This may be 'my' biggest family so far.

Charles Elmer Munson and Mary Florence(Boughan)Munson and their family, 1940.
Names on photo. From

Mary Lou nee Cook Morgan and her six children. Her husband was Dr. John William Morgan and their children are, back row left to right, Charles, Grace, George, Margaret, Emma, and Van Buren. From

This picture was sent to the LOGAN family in Saskatchewan. This could be a picture of the HOGG or LOGAN family, taken in Ontario during the late 1800s or early 1900s. Even if all the apparent couples (all those in the back plus the man seated right) are taken to include an in-law, there are eight children in the family.

I can't seem to find the direct link for this again, but got it from Ancient Faces.

These are the Munroe children; Jean Munroe, 13 yrs, Paul Munroe, b 1933; Louis Munroe, b 1934; Philip Munroe, b 1936; Floyd Munroe, b 1938

Family of George Henry Breitenbucher, taken in Alexandria, Missouri. Date of photo and corresponding ages are estimated.

Names... (all surnames are Breitenbucher)
Front: Sophie, 20 yrs, b Sep 20, 1890; George Henry, 61, b Jul 6, 1851; Darwin M., 9 b Nov 11, 1901; Cassie nee Baldwin, 52, b Aug 15, 1858; Bessie Belle, 16, b Jan 19, 1895
Back: Louis Osmer, 31, b Aug 30, 1879; Henry Dane, 29, b May 29, 1881; George Benjamin, 26, b Jul 24, 1884; William Frederick, 22, b Aug 19, 1888; Harold Bertram, 13, b Mar 19, 1897; Voiles Gallager, 11, b May 24, 1899


John and Bessie Akers and Family - Terre Haute IN; 1937

Front: Bessie Earlene Akers, 8 yrs, b Jan 28, 1929; Ernest Leroy Akers, 24, b Oct 9, 1913; Donald Ray Akers, 4, b Mar 26, 1933
Back: Robert Leo Akers, 17, b Dec 16, 1920; Paul Edward Akers, 22, b Dec 18, 1915; John Everett Akers, 19, b Mar 4, 1918; John Isaac Akers, 46, b Nov 15, 1891; Bessie May Walker Akers, 46, b Aug 20, 1891; Wilma May Akers, 2, b Nov 18, 1934


HP Marshall family outside their hand built cabin on their Alberta farm.

Back, left to right: Audrey Marshall, b Feb 4, 1924; Harry P Marshall, b Jun 18, 1889; Molly Marshall, b Dec 22, 1915
Middle: Jean Marshall, b Jul 24, 1925; Eva Bunce Marshall, b Sep 1, 1892; Alma Marshall, b Aug 21, 1926
Front: Donald Marshall, b Sep 29, 1929; Harold Marshall, b Oct 11, 1932



Hello. I see you have my great grandparents and their children. The one called "Charles Elmer Munson and Mary Florence(Boughan)Munson and their family, 1940." Their son Orville was my grandfather. It is nice to see the photo on your site. Thanks for linking to it.

I will be posting other photos on Ancient Faces soon, ones of the same family, but with more relatives. Parents, Children, and Grandchildren, all in one photo.

Thanks again for showing my family photo on your site.

Best Regards,
Caryl Lamont Munson
Anonymous said…
How lovely to see the Logan/Hogg family photo here ... I'd posted it on Ancient Faces oh so long ago and alas, still no descendants to send the original to.

Your site is lovely - thank you!

Marilyne Logan McKay
Natalia said…
Caryl and Marilyne

Thank you for your comments. Know what's weird? Look at the dates on your two comments!

Caryl, I'm glad you liked seeing your family photo here. I'm sorry I didn't reply at the time. I will have to go and check all your other photos. Thanks for commenting! :)

Marilyne, I'm glad you found the photo here too. I don't know how it could help its family to find it better by being here, but I could dream!

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