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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A couple more from Ancient Faces until I get new ones scanned.....

This is the Bruner family, including one daughter-in-law

top row: Marshal H. "Marsh" Bruner, his wife Sarah Philpot Bruner, Ira "Iry" Bruner, William Bruner, Elizabeth "Lizzy" Bruner.
Bottom row: Corrie Bruner, James Ephraim Bruner, Melvina Stewart Bruner, Surilda "Surildy" Bruner
It's from Ancient Faces, at

Here's another Bruner family, but it's not clear how they're related to the one above.
Back: William W. Bruner
Middle row left to right: Martha E. Bruner, John R.Bruner, Sarah B. Bruner, Rachel A. Bruner, Nancy L. Bruner
Bottom row left to right: Grace E. Bruner, Mary C.Bruner.

The picture was taken before moving from Laurel Co. Ky. to Beckham Co. Okla. near Sayre.

It's from Ancient Faces, at


Elizabeth Kathryn Gerold-Miller said...

You have been nominated for an Excellent Blog Award!

Natalia said...

Thank you so much, Elizabeth! I am truly honoured! I will have to spend a month thinking about people to pass it too, also.



P Belden said...

I love the Bruner pics! James Ephraim & John R. Bruner are great great uncles. Where did you find them?

Thank you for posting them,

Natalia said...

Dear Pam

I am thrilled that you found family here! Do you already have these photos? The pictures are linked from If you go to that site, do a search under the family surname Bruner, and you should find them. Maybe you added them there yourself?

Thank you for sharing! Can I ask how you found this site? I'm glad you did anyway.


JuneMoonToon said...

Just finding this blog. James Ephraim was my great grandmother's brother.