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Friday, February 15, 2008

New pictures!

I have been doing some shopping, and over the next few weeks I should have lots and lots of photos to add.

Here is a lovely photo of a large wooden house with a family in front, taken January 18th, 1911. There are seven younger children and four adults. I don't know if they are two families or one with relatives, workers, or visitors. I think the children are all one family because of how and where they are sitting and standing, but that's just my opinion.

It was a photo postcard sent from Miss Evangeline Huling to Miss Carrie B. Fox. So my guess is this is the Huling family. Here is a closeup of the people. Click to see it nice and HUGE!


Anonymous said...

Can you give me the addresses or comments on the photo post card? Are there any other names mentioned?

exhuling said...

thanks for the photos. I am planning the first annual Huling family reunion and these will be great!!!
Come on out to california and join the Huling party!!
Jann Huling

Natalia said...

Dear Jann

I'm so glad you found them! I hope they display well at the reunion! I'm not a Huling myself so won't be coming out but I hope it's a great success and I'm excited to hear that the picture will be making an appearance.

Thanks so much for your comment. I find it so exciting when someone finds a family picture they didn't know about.

If someone at the reunion recognizes it, please let me know and I'll add information to my blog in case anyone else is searching.


Natalia said...


I believe I have emailed you about this when you first commented. There isn't any new info on the back that I haven't mentioned (no addresses) but I will have to find the picture and add a scan of the back to the post for you. Maybe someone will recognize the handwriting?

Thanks for writing!

Anonymous said... This may have been her.


Natalia said...

Sherrie, that looks like a good possibility. :)