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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

From Mel - a friend from a moms' online social group

This is the same group Denise from New Zealand is from also. Melanie sent a number of wonderful pictures - and I am going to split them up just to make them last a little longer! These are really big pictures if you click on them, and definitely worth a look!

Melanie also sent great family information - so if you're a family researcher who found us while doing research, welcome!

Here is the August Justman family - taken around 1918

Left to right
Back: Esther (1894-1978), Adela (1901-1996), George (1888-1928), Walter (1896-1975), Alvin (1890-1924)
Front: Ella (1892-1953), Ernestine (nee Wendegatz, mother, 1866-1950), Malinda (spelled correctly, standing 1906-1992), Herbert (seated in very front 1908-1966), August (father 1856-1925), Paul (1887-1966)
***There were 2 other children who died before this picture was taken, Elmore (1898-1901) and Mathilde (spelled correctly 1904-1912).
August was a farmer. He, Ernestine, and all the children were born in Wisconsin. August and Ernestine were married in 1886 in Wisconsin.

And here is the Friedrich (nicknamed Fritz) Zimmerman family - taken around 1892 or 1893 (This is a guess based on little Minna's birthdate and her approximate age in the picture.)

Melanie writes:
I'm not sure I have all the children labelled correctly, but I think so. The names are correct, but the order may not be.
Left to right:
Back: Franz (1869-1943), Johanna (nicknamed Hanna, 1872-1951), Mathilda (spelled correctly, 1867-1947), Carl (1870-1936)
Front: Edward (1883-1963), Fritz (father 1843-1902), Maria (nee Voss, mother, 1846-1918), Minna (littlest girl 1888-1970), Hulda (spelled correctly 1880-1949)
***Fritz was a farmer. His actual given name was John Friedrich William Zimmerman. He was born in Cortentin (Corentin?), Pommern, Germany. Papers were found dated February 15, 1845, indicating his family's immigration to the US. The family settled in Wisconsin.
Maria and all the children were born in Wisconsin. Fritz and Maria were married in 1865 in Wisconsin.


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