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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Thank you again, Shirley!

Here are some more great pictures from Shirley...I will soon be adding a link to her Ebay store in thanks for her many wonderful pictures here - please take a look at the Links section to the right and check out her items!

Back reads, left to right: Ike Hill, Mrs Kite, Etta Hill, Mr & Mrs Howard of Marshall, Nell Nichols, Ebb Nichols & the 2 old folk in the front you know. Signed; Aunty

Back reads "Good family portrait." Are these a family surnamed Good, or did the family just think this was a good quality portrait? Anyway, I love the faces in this one, just wish I could see them a little better. To me it looks like several older siblings, and their descendents.

Back reads: Family Reunion, then looks like Kathryn Sloven

The above is a Photo Postcard: Addressed to Mrs P.H. Zopf (Clara) , Waterloo, Iowa - Signed Louise and all.

The above has no names on it, but to me it definitely looks like the mother and her daughters beside her, and granddaughters in the back. Not a large immediate family necessarily, but I love generational pictures.

Taken at Anderson Photographer - Kansas City, Missouri
Back Reads: Before 1898 - Nellie Grant is 2nd from left in front

Now for some more large reunions. The photos are not very high resolution so you won't see a lot of detail but aren't they great?

Cecil Family - Taken Wray, Colorado - Aug 25, 1946

Walt Cross and Family - Probably taken Cope or Wray, Colorado

Family Reunion Photo - Probably taken Wray or Cope Colorado
Part of the Palmer / Cross / Cecil / Romine Family

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