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The Best family, from Denise in New Zealand

Denise writes:
Only 12 children are in the photo. Two more are born later! I would guess that this was taken in the very late 1920s or very early 1930s.

Best Family - New Zealand
Standing L to R:
Keith, Hazel, Lorna, Bill, Violet, Aubrey (Manny), Ivor
Front L to R:
Beris, Patricia, Clive (Father), John, Susan (Mother), Molly, Ray


Melanie said…
These photos are so great, Natalia! I love looking at them!

I hope you don't mind I added this blog to my blogroll. It's private, so you probably won't get much traffic from there, but it's easier for me to peek in here then. :) If you'd rather I didn't, let me know. If you want access to my blog, email me.
natalia said…
No problem, that'd be great! I think I have an old link to your blog but if you've changed things it probably won't work, so I would love the info to access it.

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