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My mother's family....

This is my mom's family, about 1949. Mom is the little girl in the front. Her name is Margaret. Behind her are the three boys next oldest, Clarence, Rodney, and Wayne. In the back from left to right are Doreen, Laura (the oldest) Al (Alfred), and Eileen, and then is their mother, Minnie, holding baby Geraldine (Gerry), and then father George. My grandmother Minnie had MS, and passed away when my mother was 13 and Gerry was 9. A few short months later Gerry also died, from a heart problem never properly diagnosed. So my mom lost both her mother and her closest sister in the space of a few months.

This is the only photo that I know of with the whole family together.


Kristin said…
Hi Natalia -- neat site! It reminds me that I have to find that old large family photo I told you about awhile back.

Also, looking at all these old pictures makes me realize how very rare it must be to find a photo of one of those pre-60's Moms pregnant. (esp. before the turn of the 20th century.) That would be a neat thing for sure!

Thanks for sharing.
natalia said…
Hi Kristin, thanks for your comment! You're right, it is really rare, at least that I've seen. I do have one though! I will have to post it too!

And I do remember you telling me about that photo - if you find it I'd love to have a nice and detailed scan, if possible! Thanks so much!

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