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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

German family photos

These people aren't named so we have to guess. Nowadays we might assume, due to their older appearance, that these are grandparents with their grandchildren, and that may be the most likely scenario, however people often had children later in life, and also didn't always have (or choose to use) the "benefit" of hair dyes and youthful hair styles or makeup styles ( or surgery?)

This is the back of the photo above it. My German friend translates it as "June 1929; Kinderfest" (children's party)

So cute!

The back of the photo above it.

Taken April 1920 in Meissen (an area in northern Germany known for its beautiful pottery). The rest translates as "On the bench between Margot Kalte and Heidi Schanfuss sits Reingard."

Sigh. So I guess this picture doesn't really qualify for this site. Oh well!

These were both purchased from an Ebay seller in Great Britain.

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