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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Osborne family, and Blanche and Dorothy's family....

Source: purchased from Ebay seller, Great Britain.

This picture was taken at the Palace Grounds, Honolulu, Hawaii, on July 5, 1932. They are named on the back in an interesting manner. You have to hold the photo up to the light, and lines are drawn from the names to the silhouettes. So, seated behind is the father, Clyde Osborne; in front from left to right (as viewed from the front of the photo) are Beverly, Robert, Evelyn, Junior (must also be Clyde, then) and Lorraine.

Source: purchased from Ebay seller, Great Britain.

These lovely children are all prepared for some party or holiday. A couple of girls are displaying little bell garlands.

The back of the photo says "Blanche, Dorothy." It's likely that they are the names of two of the children, but they could also have been to whom the photo was meant to be sent (it's in postcard format.) Photo taken by Thirlwell, Photographers,who had offices in Stockton, Middlesboro, West Hartlepool, Newcastle, Darlington, & Bishop Auckland, so this family could have been from any of those places.

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