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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Photos from Great Britain

These photos were all purchased from an Ebay seller in Great Britain.

Beautiful four-generation photo! I have decided that multi-generation photos like this qualify for this site!

These adult siblings are so alike (and like their parents) it's quite striking!

Beautiful family, young teen daughter proud of her long hair.

Taken by C Treaver (I think), in Halifax (UK)


DeAnn Aalbers said...

Thank you so much for the soap link!! And I LOOOVE these pictures. Wow! My grandmother was one of 13 and I used to love going to their family reunions because there was always so much to talk about - so many stories. I hope you are having a great day!!

Larger Family Life said...

This is such a great site, Natalia! I'll keep my eye out for some photos for you over here too.


Natalia said...

Dee Ann, thank you for coming by! Did you get any soap? I would love to have a picture of your Grandma's family when they were kids for the site. Is there any chance of that, do you think?

Tania, found any for me yet? ;)