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Friday, February 27, 2009

Ten Henrichsen brothers and sisters

Here, youngest to oldest, are the children of Julius and Emma Henrichsen taken at the 1970 reunion held at Sunset Park, Rosenberg, TX. From left to right: Hilda Rosenbaum (1910-1984); Ben Hendricks (1907-1971); Walter Henrichsen (1905-1986); Louis Henrichsen (1902-1981); Fred Henrichsen (1901-1987); Will Hendricks (1899-1981); Adolph Henrichsen (1897-1978); Minnie Hafer (1895-1978); Louise Hafer (1894-1981); Henry Hendrickson (1892-1970)

One very interesting thing about this family is how many different spellings of the surname there are. One or two could be take as typographical errors, but it sounds like three of the brothers "Anglicized" their names to Hendricks or Hendrickson. And it also sounds like two sisters may have married brothers, as they both have the same married name.

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