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Monday, February 23, 2009

Horner family

The two photos above are of the daughters and sons of Frederick H. and Malona Horner. Photos taken in Ava, Douglas county, Mo.
The daughters' names and birthdates are: Eliza Francis (Cis), b Aug 14, 1864; Tine E. (Ellen), b Apr 4, 1875; Mary Margaret (Doll) Horner, b Jun 18, 1870; Vinia S. (Rett), b Feb 8, 1888.
The sons are: John, b Jan 28, 1871; Charles Sterling, b Dec 14, 1873; Frederick H. , b Mar 4, 1877; Mack, b 1892; Loyal Douglas (Kidd), b Feb 8, 1884.

This account is a great example of nicknames!

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