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Friday, November 23, 2007

Weber, Ennis, Binkley, Miner, Walsworth, Foster, Mutter, unknown, Rasmussen, Zimmerman, Huff, Gull, Carlsen, Shedd, Sweetwood, Wileman, and Buelow

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Hubert & Anna (Schlepuetz) Weber family portrait, 1911. This is a small photo so don't bother enlarging.
Front: Hubert Weber, aged 50, b Dec 11, 1861; Bertha Weber, 10, b Dec 12, 1901; Anna (Schlepuetz) Weber, 47, b Aug 3, 1864; Julia Weber, 13, Feb 15, 1898
Back: Elizabeth Weber, 20, b Oct 30, 1891; Isabel Weber, 22, b Nov 22, 1889; Katherine Weber, 23, b Feb 23, 1888; Fred Weber, 18, b Sep 12, 1893; Henry Weber, 16, b Oct 22, 1895

Erasmus Augustus Ennis family, 1898. This is a great picture! There are 14 extremely handsome children. Mom is pretty too. Dad? Well lets just say he looks kind of interesting! He must be reasonably handsome under that hair.

Binkley family, 1873. Looks like all siblings; all are Binkleys. Front row: Jacob, Charles, Lovina, Sarah. Back: David, Francis, Almeda, William, and Levi.

Simeon Miner & Zella Mallow family picture. Children's names in unknown order are Eva, Curtis, Guy, Gertie, Lester, Maysel, Austin, Ray, Myrtle, and Ona.

Celia Embry Walsworth and family, 1920.

Foster family, 1907. Bessie Foster is one of the little girls, pictured with her parents, two brothers, and two sisters, Ann and Edith.

The Ancient Faces contributor entered this picture a second time with more information and different names for Bessie's sisters:
"This is my grandma Bessie and her family. (She married Omer Clark Tackett and had 7 children with him.)" Pictured in order are: William Newton Foster, Nellie Ann (Ned) Foster, William Foster Sr., Bessie Foster, Sally Ann Robinson Foster, Ollie May Foster, and John Foster. Not in picture are America (William Foster's oldest), De Lois, and lil brother not born yet.

Here are Bessie (from above picture) and her husband, their daughter-in-law, and her five children, left to right: Darlene, baby Joyce, Karen, Joanne, and Alice.

A portrait of the Mutter family, 1890. I wish it were better quality as it looks
so-o-o-o interesting. Matching plain dresses, kids in a long row, etc.

Family with 9 children. Contributor says, "This photo was in the box of my late grandmother Mary Virginia Mason Gillam who resided in Huntingdon Co., PA."

Hans Peter Rasmussen & Anna Maria Andersen family.

Ferdinand and Rose (Metzger) Zimmermann's family in 1898.

This is the John H. Huff family, 1895.

John Bryant Gull and Rosetta Hanks Family, April 1959.
50th wedding anniversary picture.

Back Row, L-R: Reinert Carlsen, Carle Sigvart Carlsen, Narvik, Theodora (Tennessen) Carlsen,Sigvald Nilsen; Front Row, L-R: Bernhard Carlsen, Dora, Hilda Carlsen Narvik, Ludvig Carlsen, Chrisofa (Wathne) Carlsen, Harriet Sofie (Carlsen) Nilsen. Taken from family photo on wall in Norway home in 2004. If I interpret correctly, there are eight siblings here plus several in-laws.

1910 photo of the family of AT Shedd Sr., and their house in Gatesville
Left to right: Verdie, Bertha, Nancy Burnes Shedd, AT Jr., Nancy Doyel, Alma, Alf Sr., James Wilson, and John William. Four more children followed. The family lost two of the girls to what was said to be Bright's disease. They moved to Garza Co. in 1930. One of our larger families, showing only 7 of their 11 children.

John Wesley Sweetwood, his wife Rebecca (Kennelley), and their grown children in the family orchard.

Left to right: Isaac Sweetwood, b 1867; Joseph Sweetwood, b 1869; David Sweetwood, b 1872; Rebecca (Kennelley) Sweetwood, b 1847; Margie Sweetwood, b 1871; John Wesley Sweetwood, b Oct 1, 1844; Harry Sweetwood, b 1877; Agnes Estella Sweetwood, b 1886; Richard Emery Sweetwood, b 1880

Jim Wileman, wife and ten children

This photo was found in a box of photos which belonged to Mary Virginia Mason Gillam of Huntingdon Co., PA. The photo says "Jim Wileman, wife and ten children" Contributor's aunt Sarah says he was "Virgie's cousin."

This is a photo of Erwin and Dorothy (Steffen) Buelow with their children. I believe this photo was taken in the mid to late 1950s.


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