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Walker, Brown, Shelton, Hicks, Tucker, Slaughter, Henry, Emerson, Watts, Schlotterer, Guttery, Goody, Bennett, Perdue, & Quick families

Contributor writes: "This photo was found in the Haskell Walker estate in 1991, Bixby, Tulsa Co. OK. (It) was taken around the last part of the 1800's. The place was probably Tate Co. MS or Sebastian Co. AR. Could possibly be Harvey & Martha Frances [Brown] Walker family. However, Harvey & Martha had only one known daughter and there are two in the photo. Ages of sons and one daughter appear to match those of the Harvey Walker family."

Contributor found the picture on this site and adds:
Haskell Walker was my father. In the photo are:
Row 1: Harvey D. Walker holding Cecil Richard Walker, Louisa (Lou) Walker; Martha Frances (Brown) Walker holding John Thomas Walker
Row 2: Uriah Jackson Walker, my grandfather; unidentified girl.

Thank you for writing in! Lovely photo!

This is a Family Photo of George Saundes Brown's family taken in Aledo, Illinois.
George S Brown, b. Jan 15, 1853
Sophronia Meek
Martha L Brown, b. Oct 11, 1897
Nancy R Brown
Samual A Brown
Ruth E Brown
Lucreita E Brown
Bertha E Brown
Isabella D Brown
Milton Brown
Albert W Brown

This Shelton Family photo was taken around Patrick Co., Va.
People in this photo are:
William L. Shelton, b Dec 1878
Joseph E. Shelton, b. Dec 1855
Sara Lou Shelton, b. Apr 1897
Martha E. Shelton, b. Nov 22, 1854
Rustus Shelton, b. May 1892
James W. Shelton, b. Jul 4, 1893
Robert Louis Shelton, b. Oct 13, 1890
Samuel J. Shelton, b. Oct 20, 1879
Mary Catherine Shelton, b. Sep 18, 1882
Eliza Ann Shelton, b. Jun 7, 1892

Unknown family with eleven children. I wish it were a better copy.

The William Hicks family:
Lewis Hicks
William Henry Hicks, b Mar 10, 1894
Ida Mae Hicks b Feb 13, 1920
Susie Malinda Hicks, b Feb 4, 1916
Sarah Elizabeth Stephen Hicks, b Mar 10, 1894
Leonard Hicks
Johnny Hicks, b Feb 26, 1919
Nannie Hicks, b Feb 26, 1919

Hattie Tucker, with Cordia Tucker, husband and their seven children. I wish this photo was a better quality copy!

This family photo was found in a photo album with the Likes, Acton and Price families.

These are probably the Slaughter children, probably Kansas or Tennessee.

This is a family photo of Albert & Emma Katie (Bolden/Bolding) Henry, minus their three youngest children who were not yet born: Ola Mae Henry b. 1909, and the twins Alice and Allie b. 1912.
In photo:
Alma Florence Henry, b Dec 1896
Thurman H. "Cap" Henry, b Dec 1900
Norman Allan Henry, b Mar 17, 1902
David William Henry, b Dec 1896
John Henry
Emma Katie Bolden/Bolding Henry, b Dec 1878
Albert Henry, b Dec 1869 Julian Walker Henry, b Dec 1906

The Emerson family, 1948. Contibutor says, "This is the last family photo taken of us."
Helen, b Jul 21, 1943
Betty, b Jul 24, 1947
Suzanne, b Nov 8, 1945
Mary Lou, b Apr 8, 1941
Clarence, b Jun 15, 1905
Dorothy, b Oct 17, 1915
Gloria, b Dec 5, 1939

(This is a tiny photo - don't bother to click to enlarge.)
Luke Watts Family of Horry Co, SC.
Poalk Watts, Luke Watts, Mary Watts, Sally Blackman, Josiah Watts, Luther Watts, Dora Gore, Missy Watts Marlow, Quince Watts, Mack Watts, Mandie Graniner not pictured, Spar Watts, Will Watts

The Schlotterer Family Photo--the first five kids. I just love this photo.

Karl Francis Schlotterer, aged 33, b Jan 16, 1891
Lucille Augusta Schlotterer, 28, b Jan 27, 1896
Anna Pauline "Peggy" Schlotterer, b Apr 17, 1921
Rose Magdaline Schlotterer, b Apr 8, 1923
Bertha Virgelia Schlotterer, b Jan 24, 1918
Marian Georgina Elizabeth Schlotterer, b Feb 23, 1915
Eda Marie Schlotterer, b Dec 20, 1916
George Francis Schlotterer, b Aug 10, 1919

Robert Franklin Guttery family photo, taken in Lawrence County, TN, Franklin County, AL, or Lauderdale County, AL. Interesting how different ones appeared to take on different spellings of the name.

John Williams, Ernest Williams, Virgie Guthrie Williams, Gladys Williams, Mary Sherrill Guthrie, Ottis Guthrie, Horace Guthrie, Robert F. Guttery, Gracie Guthrie Jones, Lucille Jones, Travis Jones, Grover Jones, William McKinley Guthrie, Dessi Guthrie Holley, Myrtle Guthrie Yarbrough , Sarah Guttery , Lieuticia Guttery Jeffreys, John Jeffreys, William "Will" Guthrie, Alexander Guttery, Lonnie Guthrie, Ruby Williams. I will have to decipher who's who another time!

Goody family. Names listed are: Alice Goody, Wilfred James Goody, Joseph Goody, Mary (Steele) Goody, John Steele Goody, Martha (Goody) Kingsbury, Mabel Sarah (Goody) Reid, Edith Mary (Goody) Harnden, Emily Mina (Goody) McMahon

Possibly the Bennett Family from Johnstown or Western Pennsylvania

These are children of Hiram S. Perdue and Elizabeth Elbin, gathered in Bedford, Talyor Co., IA for a family photo circa 1900. l-r Emmanuel Wilkenson Perdew b. 10 Jun 1861; Mary Ann Perdue Fuller b. 1869; Scott Perdue b. 1866; Nancy Perdue Stephens b. 1862; Albert L. Perdue b. 22 Jan 1864. The spelling of the family name varies: Perdue, Purdue & Perdew.

Albert was born Bedford Co., PA; moved 1873 with the family to Peoria, IL and then 1878 to Taylor Co., IA.

Oakley Francis Quick & Family
left to right, back row:
David Lee Quick, Augusta Mariah (Helms) Quick, Edward Minor Quick, Bertha Edith (Helms) Quick, Guy Alvin Quick, Jessie Francis (Crisman) Quick
Bottom row;
Oakley (Okie) Francis Quick, Mary Jane (Chambers) Quick, Elmer Ivan Quick


SSmith said…
Your photo that shows, "Contributor writes: This photo was found in the Haskell Walker estate in 1991, Bixby, Tulsa Co. OK. . . ." Haskell Walker was my father. I have the original photo in my parents photo album.
In the photo are: Row 1: Harvey D. Walker holding Cecil Richard; Louisa (Lou) Walker; Martha Frances (Brown) Walker holding John Thomas Walker; Row 2: Uriah Jackson Walker, my grandfather; and unidentified girl.
I am please that you thought it worth of posting. Do you mind telling me who contributed it to your website?
-- Shari (Walker) Smith,
Natalia said…
Actually, it seems it was yourself back in 2001! in a roundabout way, as the picture is actually just hotlinked (not sure if that's the correct word) from the website where you contributed and wrote the writeup that you quote, yourself! LOL But it sound like you have more information now! Here's the link it came from: You might want to go back and update the entry there. I will add the names you gave to this site. Thank you so much for the information! I kind of wished it would be a new person that you could have compared notes and research with!

Thanks for visiting, Shari. The picture is beautiful.

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