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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Baker, unknown, Dillon, Carr, and Jarvis families

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Frank and Minnie Baker family:
Eugene Samuel Baker, aged 6, b Oct 29, 1895
Frank Baker, 43, b May 17, 1949
Minnie Burrows Baker, 39, b Mar 1, 1865
Emeline Baker, 18, b Aug 18, 1883
David Baker, 16, b Aug 28, 1885
Martha Baker, 12, b Nov 29, 1889
Richard Baker, 14, b Oct 2, 1887

Unidentified family, Uniontown, Pa.

This is Robert T Dillon's family, taken in 1909 in Carrolltown at Farbaugh Studio. This is his second wife, Bernetta.
Front, left to right: Paul on Robert Dillon's lap, Ruth M., Netta holding John R.
Back: Leo R. and Mary C.

Contributor says, "I believe this photo to be my great grandfather's (James H. Carr) sister and her family. They lived in Texas, possibly around Belton."

SOMEONE was not exactly a favourite of a previous owner of the photo!!!

James Williams Jarvis, Mary Elizabeth Skelton Jarvis and family sit for a photo in rural Indiana.
Front: Sina A Jarvis (Williams), aged 28, b Nov 19, 1897; James W Jarvis, 78, b Nov 27, 1847; Mary E Skelton, 69, b Aug 31, 1856; Luther M Jarvis, 30, b Sep 29, 1895
Middle: Nellie N Jarvis (Mason), 42, b Dec 21, 1883; Lutie B Jarvis, 52, b Nov 13, 1873
Back: David R Jarvis, 40, b Dec 20, 1885; Charley A Jarvis, 48, b Oct 13, 1877 ; Rexford E Jarvis, 38, b Dec 9, 1887; James E Jarvis, 46, b Nov 10, 1879; Arthur L Jarvis, 36, b Dec 9, 1889

This is quite a wide age spread, between the oldest and youngest children, 52 and 28. The first child would have been born when Mary was 17, and the youngest when she was 41.

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