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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Pontius, Huckleberry, Coughlin, Green, Mayhew, Shoemaker, Hannenman, Cottle, unknown, Devlin, Stivers, Shaffer, Johnson, and Threewits families.

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Andrew Pontius Family

The Huckleberry family, parents and nine children: Margaret "Maggie" Yingst Huckleberry, b Mar 11, 1851; Manlove Butler Huckleberry, b Jun 14, 1851; Alva Baker Huckleberry, b Sep 28, 1882; Nettie Huckleberry Bailey; Russell Huckleberry; Bertha Huckleberry Towes; Edward Huckleberry; Blanche Huckleberry Moffett; Nathaniel Huckleberry ; Anne Huckleberry Schooler; Roy Huckleberry

Coughlin family.

Joseph and Anna Green family:
Joseph L Green, aged 61, b 1883; Charlie Green; Anna P Green, aged 51, b 1893; Estelle Green; Virginia Green; Mary Jo Green; Robert Green; Ted Green; Loras Green; Oscar A Green; Arnold Green; Claude E Green

Front and middle are Ma and Pa Mayhew and around them are their eight children.

Shoemaker family

4 generations. This photo was hanging in the Hannemann family home for years. Other possible family names are Thiede and Schwieso. Wisconsin or Nebraska.

Cottle family. Appears to be parents and their eleven children.

This unidentified family photo was found in a Rickett family photo album.

Devlin Family photo, taken about 1894, in Lanarkshire, Scotland, probably in Bellshill. From L to R:
Henry Devlin, John Devlin with Martin Devlin standing in front of him, James Devlin, Bernard Devlin, Isabella Devlin (Married surname Halliday) with Patrick Devlin on her lap, Edward Devlin, Isabella Devlin, Thomas Devlin and Andrew Devlin lying in front.
All of them, with the exception of James, emigrated to America between 1903 and 1917.
Henry Devlin Mar 23, 1883; John Devlin, Apr 6, 1877; Martin Devlin, Sep 17, 1891; James Devlin, Sep 16, 1881; Bernard Devlin, Apr 26, 1889; Isabella Devlin Halliday, Jan 23, 1854; Patrick Devlin, Dec 16, 1893; Edward Devlin, Jun 14, 1879; Isabella Devlin, Jan 31, 1888; Thomas Devlin, Jul 21, 1874; Andrew Devlin, Aug 20, 1885.

This photo is of the Stivers family, Sabina Ohio. The 2nd man (seated) from the right is Allen W. Stivers, 1870-1941. The 2nd lady from the right(back row)is Emma Hodge (married to Allen Stivers). The other family members are not identified.

John R Shaffer Family, taken in early 1900's.

Myrtle Shaffer
Cora Shaffer
Grace Shaffer with baby Alice
Ollie Pierce with baby Alta
John R Shaffer
Penina J Shaffer ( Kness)
Virgie Lyons with baby Cecil
Harry Shaffer
James Pierce
Artemus Delorme
Stacey Lyons
Mary Delorme

This photo is of Marion Henry Johnson's family in the 1890s. Note the little sweetie with her doll!
Granvil Johnson, b. Nov 1881
James Edward Johnson, b. Oct 28, 1875
Henrietta Johnson, b. Nov 17, 1877
Marion Henry Johnson, b. Apr 1837
Martha Caroline Johnson, b. May 11, 1849
Alida Belle Johnson, b. Jul 20, 1888

This photo of an unidentified family says on the back "L. Mcdowell, Photographer, Public Square, Nelsonville, O."

This is a photo of the David Threewits family: father David, mother Lillian Kouns,
with their eldest five children. Little girl front center is Margaret Pearl Threewit Holliday and she was born in 1898 in the Oklahoma Territory. Other children include Iva and David...more children came along later.

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