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Monday, November 19, 2007

Schwalm, Creps, Coyle, Blondin, Halkett, Rapley, and Hatfield families

These are all linked from Ancient Faces. To see the original entry go to and search the names.

Schwalm family photo. Several of the children are missing. It was taken between 1900 and 1917. Names of people in the photo are: John, Albert, Jacob, William, Katie, Cora, Lucinda, Casper, Johan, Marie/Mary Scmidt-Schwalm (the mother, I believe), Henry, and Isabel.

Photo of Creps family. Jerome Livingston (Creps?) & his wife Mary Lober and 6 children lived at this house until about 1900.

Coyle family. Roseanne Coyle is left centre. Looks like Mom, Dad, and their ten children.

Charles and Priscilla Blondin family from Cleveland, Ohio, 1898.
Charles Avon Blondin, aged 54, b 1844
Lillian M Blondin, 17, b Apr 15, 1881
Priscilla Blondin (nee Richard/s), 51, b 1847
Charles (Charley) A Blondin, 27, b Sep 16, 1871
Louise H Blondin, b Jul 3, 1874
Ellsworth J Blondin, 20, b Jun 8, 1878
Abbigail (Abbie) C Blondin, 30, b Oct 14, 1868

Family of Sir John Wedderburn Halkett (1720-1793), 6th Bart of Pitfirrane.
Researcher says this is a painting of his family from 2nd marriage to Mary Hamilton.

Rapley family. Obviously not one immediate family but must all be descendents or in-laws of one family somewhere along the line. A really great photo showing what one family can bring about!

Family of William Lafayette Hatfield and Anna Stevick Hatfield, in Indiana circa 1906:
William L. Hatfield, aged 48, b May 17, 1859
Opal L. Hatfield, 8, b Feb 16, 1898
Katherine Hatfield, 70, b Dec 19, 1836
Thelma Hatfield, 3, b Mar 18, 1903
Anna Hatfield, 42, b Apr 24, 1864
Ada Hatfield, 6, b Oct 19, 1900
Myrtle Hatfield, 15, b Sep 29, 1891
Murl W. Hatfield, 11, b Jun 3, 1895
Emma Higgins
Burl Hatfield, 14, b Oct 28, 1892

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