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Monday, November 26, 2007

Capps and Glassman families

These photos are from Ancient Faces family research photo-sharing website.

Georgia Ann Capps, daughter of George Dickerson, with her husband, children, and her brother.

back: Beulah (Capps) Kinsey, b Jul 24, 1900; Minnie Marie (Capps) Myres, b Jul 27, 1904
front: Joseph William Dickerson, b Nov 11, 1867; William Capps, b May 19, 1861; Georgia Ann (Dickerson) Capps, b Nov 1, 1869; John Marvin Capps, b Apr 2, 1896; Tina (Capps) Ross, b Feb 6, 1891; Luvica (Capps) Striplin, b Sep 13, 1888


Gustave and Sophia Louise Halling Glassman family, abt 1895.

The parents are: Gustave Glassman, 50 yrs, b Dec 1845, and Sophie Louise Halling Glassman, 44, b Nov 18, 1851.
The children are: Mary (Molly) Glassman, 21, b Jul 10, 1874; Carrie E Glassman, 8, b Apr 13, 1887; Friedrick August Albert Glassman, 15, b Sep 21, 1880; John R Glassman, 18, b May 20, 1877; Arthur Charles Glassman, 15, b Sep 20, 1880. I'm not sure all the dates are right - those boys just don't look to me like an 18 yo and twin 15yos!

This was also from Ancient Faces but I can't find the page to add the link!

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