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Sunday, November 18, 2007

more from Ancient Faces

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Claude Dunbar Croft, aged 5, b Jun 3, 1907
Dorothy Hellen Croft, 2, b Sep 4, 1910
William Adelbert (Dad) Croft, 47, b Aug 10, 1865
Elizabeth (Rembe) Croft, 44, b Oct 15, 1868
Gerald Vernon Croft, b Jun 20, 1912
Leila Mae Croft, 17, b Sep 8, 1895
George William A. Croft, 9, b Apr 23, 1903
Ethel Adele Croft, 20, b Sep 9, 1892
Alta Irene Croft, 13, b Jan 4, 1899
Edith Elizabeth Croft, 15, b Jan 11, 1897
Leslie Emerson Croft, 8, b Nov 16, 1904

This is the same family as above, taken in 1947.
Alta I. (Croft) Hessinger, aged 48, b Jan 4, 1899
Leslie (Curley) E. Croft, 43, b Nov 16, 1904
Leila M. (Croft) Alford, 52, b Sep 8, 1895
Gerald V. Croft, 35, b Jun 20, 1912
Dorothy H. (Croft) Halstead, 37, b Sep 4, 1910
William A. (Dad) Croft, 82, b Aug 10, 1865
Ethel A. (Croft) Mallett, 55, b Sep 9, 1892
Claude D. Croft, 40, b Jun 3, 1907
Edith E. (Croft) Day, 50, b Jan 11, 1897
George W. A. Croft, 44, b Apr 23, 1903

Maguire family photo taken in 1901.
Edward Joseph Maguire, b.1881
Joseph Maguire, b.1887
John Maguire, b.1892
Eleanor Costella Maguire, b.1866
Harry, Henry Maguire, b.Dec 1899
Peter J. Maguire, b.1856
Peter M. Maguire, b.1896
Francis Maguire, b.1894
Thomas Maguire, b.1885
Nellie Maguire, b.1883

Photo found in old family photos of the Cullum/Sahlfeld family. The name of this family is not known by the contibutor.

Richard J. Sanders family photo. R.J. & wife, Eliza, with eight of their ten children (two were lost in infancy). Pictured left to right: Mittie, Lucy, Ivan, Charles, William, Sarah, Mary, Steven, followed by Eliza & R.J.


RippOfArt said...

beautiful pictures you got there. here is my link, I have some old family photos too.

Unknown said...


I was surprised to find photos of my ancestors on your site. My grandfather, George William Adelbert Croft, his siblings and parents are featured in two of the photographs you've posted. I'd of course be extremely curious to know how you came to have these(?).

My dad, George William Croft, Jr. is still kicking at age 88 :-).

Gary William Croft
Whidbey Island, WA USA

PS: I spent 6 years in HR :-).

Natalia said...

Hello, Gary, wonderful to hear from you! I don't own a copy of the photo, I linked it from where it is at . Here's the direct link Perhaps you could contact the contributor there and find some long lost relatives! That would be exciting!

Unknown said...

Thanks, Natalia.

Sorry for the slow response, but I lost track of this site.

Thank you for the link and for creating this interesting site.