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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Purvis, Clites, Hand, Leduc, unknown, and Arkes families.

These are all linked from Ancient Faces. To see the original entry go to and search the names.

Purvis Family.
Standing: John Gilbert, Henry Eugene, Clinton clifford, Bessie, Ova May, Helen, Earl, Inez Alvada and Ralph Edgar. Sitting: Sherman Elman, Jay, Mary Melvina (Damon) Purvis Coomer, George Harrison and Steven LeRoy

My interpretation of this is that the mother, Mary Melvina's maiden name was Damon, her first husband was Purvis (not sure if he's in the photo or if those are all sons) and later she married a Mr Coomer. Due to close family resemblances it looks like they are all her children with no in-laws. Maybe the man to the right of her is her husband. If I'm right she would have 12 or 13 children in the photo.

Clites family. There are names on the photo but the contributor claims to have messed them up. Another list the contributor gave has all these names plus a William. My guess is that the baby on Ma's lap is actually William (they used to put baby boys in dresses a way back) rather than a second Rebecca!

Picture of Wyatte LaFayette Hand & Sarah Suggs Hand family. Left to right are Vernon, Anna Rebecca (who married Charles Floyd Kelley), Wyatte LaFayette (Fate), Levie (standing by his knee), Sarah holding Helen (who married a Mr Lack), Nettie (married a Mr Copeland), and Faytie. Hand valley in Marion County was named for this family.

Leduc family, taken the summer of 1907 at John & Mary's home
Florence Leduc, 24, b Nov 2, 1882
Jane Leduc, 33, b Feb 24, 1874
Jean-Baptiste "John" Leduc, 65, b Jun 24, 1842
Mary E. Lalone (Lalonde) Leduc, 69, b Jan 15, 1838
Mary Josephine Leduc, 36, b Mar 21, 1871
Matilda "Lilly" Leduc, 29, b Nov 12, 1877
Michael Leduc, 25, b Oct 18, 1881
Julia Agnus Leduc, 30, b Oct 12, 1876
John "Jack" Henry Leduc, 28, b Feb 24, 1879

looks like two sisters with their husbands and children. Cool!
(found in a Lavalley collection, but unidentified.)

Here are Bernard Henry Arkes and Mary Keeven Arkes and their children. The children are, left to right: Margaret (Maggie) Arkes, 18, b May 8, 1867; Theodore Arkes, 10, b Dec 1874; Anna Maria (Mamie) Arkes, 4, b Oct 29, 1880; Henry Fredrick Arkes, 11, b Sep 4, 1873; Francis Henry Arkes, 13, b Jul 23, 1871; Anna Elizabeth Arkes, 8, b Jan 21, 1876; John Arkes, 14, b Dec 1870.


cudel said...

I want to know more about the Leduc"s as that picture of the family is mine....... thats my great great grand father and aunts etc i would love to know more please who or how do i find out more........joey leduc.

Natalia said...

Joey, I got the photo from the Ancient Faces website, at You could start there. You can contact the contributor on that page or comment on it. (I don't do family research, I just link to the photos or collect them. This one is linked.)

Thanks for coming by! I hope you find something.