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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Some families from Ancient Faces

I joined the Ancient Faces web site many years ago, and posted pictures on that site that I'd purchased on Ebay, for the use of family researchers. I've been amazed at the number of people who have written for more information. I almost always asked the Ebay sellers for any info, and a few have had some, but unfortunately, due to where the photos are from and how they have been passed around, I do not often have any helpful information for the researchers more than just the name.

There are thousands of photos on the site, and some years ago I spent dozens of hours going through them looking for larger families. However the computers I was working on then have all since bitten the dust, and lost the bookmarks. It will take some time to undertake this again. And I don't know how much memory I am allowed on this blogging host. I may end up posting tiny versions and then linking to them on Ancient Faces. Here are a few for today. Enjoy!

Mary Mark Vaughan age 61, born Jan 15, 1851
Charles J. Mark, age 63, b Mar 28, 1849
Sophia Mark 59, born Feb 6, 1853
Magdalen Mark Rieth, 57, b. Jun 8, 1855
Elizabeth Mark Bruce, 55, b. Nov 2, 1857
Sarah Mark, 48, b. Jun 9, 1864
Caroline Mark Hibbs, 51, b. Mar 27, 1861

Barbara E Smith, 18, b. Apr 1, 1883
Harry P Smith, 14, b. May 3, 1887
August V Smith, 16, b. Jan 20, 1885
Bessie A Smith, 12, b. Apr 12, 1889
Anna M Smith, 38, b. Apr 26, 1862
Edward A Smith, 8, b. Dec 24, 1893
Amy E Smith, 10, b. Jun 14, 1891
John H Smith, 43, b. Dec 0 1857

Otto Louis Stamm family. Exact names not listed. It looks like mom and her seven children, and dad missing, but you never know, dad might just be young looking!

Mary Oberbrockling, aged 5, b. Dec 19, 1907
George Oberbrockling, 52, b. Aug 3, 1860
William Oberbrockling, 9, b. Aug 21, 1903
Joseph Oberbrockling, 7, b. May 18, 1905
Emma Oberbrockling, 11, b. Jun 15, 1901
Margaret Oberbrockling, 45, b. Jun 24, 1867
Josephine Oberbrockling, 2, b. Aug 25, 1910
Bernard Oberbrockling, 13, b. Oct 13, 1899
Rose Oberbrockling, 17, b. May 12, 1895
Henry Oberbrockling, 15, b. Jan 31, 1897

Family Photo of the Henri Richard Family taken summer of 1919 at their home in Thibodeaux, LA
Ellis Richard, Whitney Richard, Wickless Richard, O'Neal Richard, Jeane' Richard,
Anita Richard, Clare Richard, Lollie Richard, Avelie Thibodeaux Richard, Henri Richard

Bantle family: John Baptiste Bantle, aged 47, b. Aug 2, 1844
Thekla Diekle Bantle, 44, b. Sep 10, 1847
Frank J Bantle, 17, b. Jan 1, 1874
John William Bantle, 15, b. Mar 19, 1876
Elizabeth Theckla Bantle, 14, b. Sep 20, 1877
Anna R Bantle, 12, b. Aug 30, 1879
Charles Earl Bantle, 7, b. Dec 1884
John Baptiste Jr Bantle, 5, b. May 3, 1886
Carolyn Bantle, 2, b. Jul 19, 1888

Sherman Lane and family. The names, probably left to right, are Tressie, Sarah, Bessie, Arthur, Sherman, and Theodore Lane.

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