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Monday, November 19, 2007

Dillon, Adkins, Crabtree, Miller, unknown, Robinson, Aldridge, Wellmaker, Holcombe, Humiston, Spreier, Carter/Warren families

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L J and Mary C Dillon family. One of the nine siblings pictured writes, "This was the last photo of our family together. My youngest sister Bridget, in the wheelchair, died two years later of MS. This was a very hard thing on our family, she was our baby."

Adkins brothers and sisters, Carrollton Mo.
Seated: John, Annie, Mort, William; Standing: James, Gilbert, Mary
Their parents were Marion and Alemerinda Adkins

This is a family photo of W.R. Crabtree and Mary Ann (Johnson) Crabtree. She was the daughter of John and Martha A. Johnson. Their children's names were Annual, Clara, Jake, Walter, John, Alfred, Robert and Olen. Not all of the children had been born in this photo.

Andrew and Louisa Miller family: Andrew Christian, Laura Christine, Anna Gertrude, Lillian Catherine, Louise Henrietta, Louisa Elizabeth Bader.

unidentified family, in a Green family collection.

Robinson family assumed. (Robinson written on back of photo.)

Family of Squire W. Aldridge, Sr. and Hannah Gillians Aldridge.
Who are children, and who are in-laws and grandchildren, are not specified, but the composition of the photo suggests to me that there are it looks to me like there are
about 5 married children, plus ummarried teens and older children. The young children could be grandchildren and their young aunts or uncles. In any case, a large family! I love the composition of this photo.

Alvin Wellmaker and family.

This is a family photo of Aaron Tatum Holcombe and his family. His wife in the picture is Lelia Levisa Sharp. Some of the childrens names are Woodrow, Mauvaleen, Mary, Thomas. Thomas was the youngest. Little girl in lower right may be Ruby. Girl in back with glasses may be Lillie. Some of the children are by another wife Lillie McWhorter - John, Henry, Earl, Lillie, Susie, Ruby, & Gertrude.

This family photo was taken in 1941 before the sons went to war, not knowing if they would come back. Most of them were usually smiling, happy, people; the occasion shows on their faces.
Little did they know that it would be Anna Mae's son that they would bury.

People in this photo are:
Evelyn Fern Humiston, b Sep 28, 1901
William Howard Humiston, b Oct 11, 1911
Sallie Tilden Hickman Humiston, b Aug 30, 1876
Harold Harley Humiston, b Sep 5, 1915
Raymond Frank Humiston, b Jan 4, 1904
Anna Mae Humiston, b Nov 23, 1902
Elizabeth Maxine Humiston, b Jul 5, 1919
Edward Overton Humiston, b Jul 25, 1908

1930 studio photo of the David Spreier family living in Rozel, Kansas. David's wife, Katherine Schuldeis Spreier is the sister of Anna Margaret Schuldeis Bohl (1881-1951) and Elizabeth Schuldeis Huck. These three sisters, Russian born Germans from Huck, Saratov, Russia also had two brothers, John & Philipp (Felipe). With their parents, John & Felipe immigrated to Argentina in 1906. The three sisters all settled in the midwest U.S., separated by distance from their parents and brothers' families.

Children's names include: Dorothy, Viola, Fred, Laura, Marjorie and Esther.

This family photo was in a Warren family collection. It may well be a Carter family.

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