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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Talmon, Weir, Shafer, Switzler, Mcginnis, Hawkins, Parsley, Yeager, Lacey, Sanders, Campbell, Morlang, Eckles, Reed, Lesher, Fossett, etc, families

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Talmon family

Weir family, taken Feb 1936.
Front: Charles McEwan Weir, 15, b Jan 3, 1920; Mary Helen McEwan Weir, 5, b Nov 8, 1930; Ann Addison Weir, 48, b May 21, 1888; William McEwan Weir, 13, b Jul 28, 1933
Back: George Weir, 24, b Nov 7, 1911; Charles McEwan Weir, 51, b Oct 11, 1885; Ralph Weir, 23, b Jun 16, 1914

Albert and Nelsena Shafer family portrait, taken December 24, 1908. Amazing family. Children range in age from 26 down to infant.

Babies in front: Edna Geneva Shafer, 3,b Mar 17, 1905; Hazel Nelsena Shafer, 5, b Jan 15, 1903; Mildred Shafer, 6 mos, b Jul 18, 1908
Middle: George Elmer Shafer, 21, b Nov 18, 1887; Albert Shafer, 52, b Sep 28, 1858; Lawrence Chester Shafer, 10, b May 20, 1898; Martha Nelsena Sjurson Shafer, 42, b Apr 11, 1863; Harold Neil Shafer, 8, b Apr 28, 1900; Zona Louise Shafer, 26, b Dec 4, 1882
Back: Josephine Isabelle Shafer, 14, b Jun 19, 1894; Otho Alton Shafer, 19, b Oct 30, 1889; Gertrude Viola Shafer, 24, b Aug 8, 1884; Aaron Nelson Shafer, 17, b Dec 7, 1891; Ella Maybelle Shafer, 22, b Feb 24, 1886

The Lewis M. Switzler, Jr family, 1904

Lillie A Smith Mcginnis and her children, Seneca, KS.

Hawkins family.
front row L to R: William Edward Hawkins, James Richard Hawkins, John Hawkins, Charles Hawkins
back row L to R: Eli B. Hawkins, Susannah Hawkins (Bailey), Joseph Hawkins.

Parsley family. Names are on photo itself. The four adults on the right are two daughters of the family and their husbands, one with a baby.

G.P. Yeager family. No other names given.

Lacey Family - San Dimas, CA, 1916.
Front: Mattie Green Lacey, b 1876; Lewis Lacey, b 1916; Arthur Lacey, b 1908; Arthur O Lacey, b 1874
Back: Grace, William, Iva

Frank Sanders, b May 11, 1908, is in the middle of the back row. The picture includes his brother and sister, and step-siblings (perhaps also half-siblings?). His stepfather is in the front. Baby Harold Scott was born Dec 1924. I am not sure of the exact family makeup and why the mother is not in the picture.

Family photo of Charles C. Campbell (b Aug 5, 1853) and wife Rebecca Teal (b April 1860, daughter of WJJ and Jane Bobo Teal) taken about 1890. The family consisted of 7 children eventually: Ellanora, Henry Dillard, Evaline, Walter, Mary LenaMae, James Grover, Louis Marion; Thomas was the last born in 1897. They settled around Millersview, Concho Co.,TX. Charles was the sheriff of Marshall Co., Ala, and this photo is a courtesy of descendant Jon Campbell.

Morlang Family from Scranton, Pa.

Eckles brothers and sisters. Their mother was nee Hockersmith.
Their names are Alfred H, 20yrs, b 1875; John A, 30, b 1870; Ed S, 30, b 1870; Walter W, 33, b 1856; Lizzie Lee, 32, b 1858; Milton G, 23, b 1867.

Henry Reed family photo, found in collection of Margaret Page Dunn (1861 - 1953).

Holly Forest Lesher/Lusher is the boy at the back, with his parents and siblings. The other family members' names are not known. This boy moved his own family from WV to MI in 1954, and his children Holly Lesher Jr. and siblings never knew anything about their dad's family, except for this photo labelled "Holly Forest Lesher parents."

Earl & Minnie Fossett with their 5 children (named at bottom of photo) Taken in mid to late 1920s.

The Preston Family in Utah. It looks like grandpa, parents, and their six children.

Hicks family at their home in 1941.

Front: parents Alice Taylor/Hicks, b Oct 12, 1884, and John H Hicks, b Feb 6, 1868.
Middle: Mary Hicks/Soloman, b May 30, 1922; Monroe Hicks, b Aug 6, 1920; Carvis Deke Hicks, b Mar 2, 1916; Albert R Hicks, b Sep 9, 1907
Back: Charles Ike Hicks, b Apr 18, 1913; William H Hicks, b Mar 10, 1894; James Hicks, b May 30, 1922; George M Hicks, b Jan 22, 1922

Joseph and Mathilda Gregory family

The parents are Joseph Henry "Joe" Gregory, b Oct 2, 1859, and Mathilda Jane "Jenny" Taylor Gregory, b Dec 1862.
The children are Matthew "Moe" Gregory, b Dec 1883; Anna "Annar" L. Gregory, b Jul 28, 1885; Mozella Mae Gregory, b Dec 1888; James Walter Gregory, b Mar 29, 1891; Andrew R. Gregory, b Dec 1895; Thomas Morgan Gregory, b Jun 14, 1897; Joseph Henry, Jr. Gregory, b Dec 1900;

Rosato Family From Birmingham, 1917. (Which Birmingham isn't specified)

Salvatrice(Sally) Rosato, 41, b Sep 19, 1876
Cologero Rosato, 32, b Oct 21, 1885
Edith Rosato Baccareela, 9, b Sep 13, 1908
Lillie Rosato Mantione, 7, b Mar 4, 1910
Mary Rosato Timpa, 5, b Feb 12, 1912
Michael Rosato, 3, b Jun 24, 1914
Louise Rosato Mezzacapa, 1, b Jul 29, 1916

The Jacques family....

The parents are Zacharie Jacques, aged 57, b Feb 24, 1833, and Claire O'Neil Jacques, 53, b Dec 1837.

The children in order of birth (and their ages at the time of the photo) are: Octavia Jacques Olivier, 30, b May 24, 1860; Marie-Louise Jacques - not present, probably had passed away - she is the sister in the portrait, b Aug 21, 1862; Sister Mary Emmanuela Jacques, 33, b Jan 21, 1863; Sister Mary Frederica Jacques, 25, b Nov 1865; Charles Olivier, 25, b Dec 1865 (I am guessing it's more likely that one of those months is a typo than that they were twins born exactly a month apart - though perhaps one was adopted?); Emery Charles Jacques, 19, b Dec 1871; Arthur Francis Jacques, 16, b Jan 24, 1874; Raymond George Jacques, 15, b Oct 27, 1875; Laurentia Anna Jacques, 12, b Dec 1878.

Front row: parents Henery C Cassel, b Aug 3, 1841, and Mary Elizabeth (Wakeman)Cassel, b Sep 3, 1839
Back: Rena Cassel, b Nov 12, 1870; Ernest C Cassel, b Oct 11, 1876; Syler C Cassel, b Oct 1867; Esta Florene Cassel, b Aug 26, 1879; Frank C Cassel, b Aug 14, 1868; Amanda Cassel, b 1873.

Family of Endre and Kari Stadheim

Front: Endre Stadheim, b Feb 3, 1846; George Stadheim, b Jun 6, 1895; Kari Foley/Stadheim, b Jan 26, 1851
Back: Louis Stadheim, b Sep 2, 1889; Ole Stadheim, b Oct 26, 1879; Bert Stadheim, b Apr 8, 1877; John Stadheim, b Aug 29, 1873; Hannah Stadheim, b Apr 27, 1886; Clara Stadheim, b Dec 27, 1891

Lewis Mines family.

Six of the 18 people in this photo are fairly positively identified - 4 of 5 boys in front row, and their parents, Lewis and Carrie Mines, seated in the center. The others are most likely the grown children from Lewis's first marriage, and their children. The unknown children could include Louisa Mines, Nellie Mines Titchenal, Ray Mines, Warren Mines, and Warren's wife Lois Jane Gregg Mines. Location unknown but could be Clarksburg, WV, just before the boys and parents moved to Warren, OH. The contributor's theory is that this was a sort of farewell get-together photo, before Lewis and his "second family" moved away.

Four of the younger boys are named as Lloyd Mines, b Jan 30, 1893; Roscoe Mines, b Nov 1, 1889; Henry Cadwell Mines, b Sep 18, 1885; Wilbur Mines, b Sep 3, 1887. The parents are Carrie Titchenal Mines, b May 20, 1855, and Lewis Mines, b Sep 29, 1834.

Editha Linville Brown and children. Editha (Mrs. Thomas Soder) poses with her five living children (L-R) Alvin, Nona Kay holding the hand of baby Mamie Anne Marie, Myrtle, Editha, and Ora, in Gordon, West Virginia. Ella, the first born, died at age five. Thomas, the father, died 6 Sept 1913, so this family photo may have been taken at around that time.

This photo was found in a LaValley family album. The contributor believes it is the Edmund and Eveline (LaValley) Nault Family. Pictured are Edmund and Eveline and their children, Paul, Philip, Eva, Exima, Edmund Jr., and Peter. For birthdates, see the Ancient Faces entry under the Edmund Nault family.

Palmer family, Oct 1901.

Left to right: Thomas Palmer, 7 yrs, b Dec 20, 1893; Andrew Palmer, 52, b Feb 18, 1849; Andrew Palmer, 4, b Aug 22, 1897; Joseph Palmer, 14, b Dec 3, 1886; Sarah Palmer, 10, b Apr 27, 1891; David Palmer, 1, b Apr 10, 1900; Anna Palmer, 35, b Apr 20, 1866; John Palmer, 13, b Apr 21, 1888.


The Magpie said...

I should be interested if you have any family information that might be included on the House Preston website for family records ( which I have been constructing. However, I do appreciate that you may not have been able to find anything more.

While still in the early stages, you may find it of interest to check the website and - perhaps - you could be able to add data to the records.

Natalia said...

I have written privately, but if that doesn't reach you, could you be more specific about what you thought I might have more info on? Thanks.

Angela Whiting said...

I have a really old photograph album from around 1888 to a Harriet Gregory. It has been passed down to me from my great uncle and i have no idea who these people are. After seeing the family photo of the Joseph and Mathilda Gregory family. I can definatley see a reseblance with some of the people. I would be very greatful for any help with this?


Natalia said...

Hello, Angela. Thank you for your note. How fascinating about your album! I got the photo from the website, and don't know anything more about them. But if you go there and run a search for the name, you should be able to contact the contributor and ask them. It would be so exciting if they were able to tell you more, and maybe they would be thrilled to find that your album is related to them too. They may recognize the people and give clues as to how they connected to your great uncle.

Here, let me find the direct link for you. The contributor is Kathy Gregory, up on the right side (though she posted it 11 years ago, so I don't know if her contact info is up to date.) You could also post a comment under the picture. Added to those and even better would be to post some of the most important photos from your album onto Ancient Faces where even more people might find them and help identify them.

For any of those things I am pretty sure you'll have to create an account with Ancient Faces but it's simple and least, I've had one for years and years and had no troubles.

Thank you again for writing. I would love to know if you are able to find anything out!


Angela Whiting said...

Hello, Natalia. Thank you very much for your help. I am creating an account as we speak. The album is really amazing, with pictures of churches, schools, people and there is even a house in there that was bombed. Me and my family are not really sure whether it is family or just an album that was kept. But considering our family likes to throw things away and that it was kept in my Great Uncles bedside cabinet it must have meant alot to him.

Thanks again for your help and i will definitely keep you posted


ashlend marie said...

hi my name is ashlend Gregory henry jr is my great grandfather