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Bradley, Jarvis, Watson, Waller, Sherbet, Huck,

These are all linked from Ancient Faces. To see the original entry go to and search the names.

Bradley family, dad Alvin Walter Bradley, 64, b Sep 2, 1874
mom May Belle Motsenbocker Bradley, 60, b Sep 29, 1878
Children: John Davis Bradley, 29, b Jun 11, 1909; Thelma L. Bradley Self, 31, b Nov 4, 1907; Letha May Bradley McCord, 33, b Oct 22, 1905; William Chester Bradley, 35, b Jul 6, 1903; LeRoy Bradley, 36, b Apr 8, 1902; Berthena E. Bradley Hopkins, 39, b Jul 18, 1899.

Sina A Jarvis, 28 yrs, b Nov 19, 1897
James W Jarvis, 78, b Nov 27, b 1847
Mary E (Skilton) Jarvis, 69, b Aug 31, 1856
Luther M Jarvis, 30, b Sep 29, 1895
David R Jarvis, 40, b Dec 20, 1885
Nellie N Jarvis, 42, b Dec 21, 1883
Charley A Jarvis, 48, b Jul 24, 1875
Lutie B Jarvis, 52, b Oct 13, 1873
Rexford E Jarvis, 38, b Dec 9, 1887
James E Jarvis, 46, b Dec 0 1877
Arthur L Jarvis, 36, b Dec 9, 1889

Dennis Watson and Cora Ann (Gleaves) Watson and their sons, possibly 1905.

Dennis was the son of John W Watson and Julia Ann (Whitaker) Watson, and his grandparents were Jesse Watson and Rebecca (Denton) Watson. Jesse Watson's father was Evan Thomas Watson; Cora Ann Gleaves' parents were John R Gleaves and Elizabeth Abigail Mcspadden, and her grandfather was James Robertson Gleaves. The girl in the picture is Ethel Cordelia (Watson) Bledsoe. She married Emmitt Bledsoe, the son of James Carrol Bledsoe and Julia Stone. This picture was taken in Texas.

Waller family. If these dates are correct, the father was 18 and the mother was 28 when their first child was born, and he was 32 and she 42 when their youngest was born. I only mention it because it seems uncommon to find a couple 10 years apart where he is youngest.
Not sure of exact arrangement, but a list of the family members follows.
Martha Maria Waller, b Jun 8, 1831
Lemuel Waller, b Jun 24, 1870
Martinius Christian Waller, b Dec 23, 1866
Olaf Waller, b Oct 29, 1859
Margaret Waller, b Dec 1873
Olivia Waller, b Jun 21, 1863
Hans Waller, b Mar 16, 1841

Sherbet family
I'm not sure how this goes; the names should be listed front first, then back, but I'm pretty sure the person back middle is a girl and not Bill!
Gabe Sherbet, b Jun 3, 1876
Morris Sherbet, b Jan 13, 1912
Willie Elizabeth Hill, b Aug 29, 1879
Jessie Sherbet, b Sep 24, 1905
Cora Sherbet, b Aug 8, 1908
Auther Sherbet, b Mar 8, 1901
Bill (William) Sherbet, b Sep 8, 1907
Ada Sherbet, b Dec 4, 1903

Studio photo of the George Philip Huck family, Larned, Kansas. Elizabeth Schuldeis Huck b. 1882, is sister to Anna Margaret Schuldeis (1881-1951) who married Jacob Bohl (1879-1944). Jacob & Anna Margaret Bohl raised their family in Nebraska; Elizabeth & George Philip Huck raised their family in Kansas. On the 1930 census George Philip and Elizabeth lived in Pleasant Grove (Pawnee County) Kansas with sons Harry, Elmer & Leo. Elizabeth Schuldeis Huck and Anna Margaret Schuldeis Bohl also had another sister, Katherine Schuldeis Spreier and two brothers Philipp (Felipe) and John. In 1906, Felipe and John immigrated from Huck, Saratov Russia to San Antonio, Argentina with their parents, Georg Michael & Elisabeth Schultheis.

One of the other families above is in another photo on another entry on this blog.

Front: Elizabeth Schuldeis Huck, Leo Huck, George Philip Huck
Back: Harry Huck, Amel Huck, Leda Huck Jaeger, Esther Huck Eikmeier, Elmer Huck

Freece family.
I bought this photo on Ebay a few years ago. The back of the photo says "John _ Freece Family" (The _ is a letter that could possibly be a J., a T., or an I.) The young adult sons certainly look lean and very tough, while the youngest daughter is the only one smiling. Maybe she was the spark of the family. Note the dog asleep to the left of the family in the distance. The wind blowing the ties askew... Also the rug placed on a possible log for a seat for the front three children. Looks like lovely rolling farming country. The photo was purchased by the previous owner in an antique store in Elkmont, Alabama, in 2002.

I don't know who's who in this picture, but it sure looks like a family, and I think it looks cool so I included it anyway! On the back it says: Vakear, Valear, or Va Kear May 22, 1963.

Pierce family, taken August 19, 1941

The man in the uniform is SSG Pierce, visting family before deploying to the European theatre. Ralph Bunk Pierce was born 29 Apr 1922 in AL. In front of him is his mother Clara Genieva Deason, b. 29 Jan 1898, in AL. To her left is the father, Sherly Thomas Pierce, b. 29 Mar 1884 in AL. The 2 girls are Christine on his right and Geraldine on his left. Wesley Simpson Pierce makes up the last member in the photo.

Austin family, taken in Durant, I.T.
There's something about this photo that gets me. ... the little bare feet, the very plain background, the family resemblances....


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