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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Gil, Pizzitoia, Underwood, Runser, Basham, and Puente families

These are all linked from Ancient Faces. To see the original entry go to and search the names.

Gil family in 1914. Parents are Anastacio Leoncio "Tito" Gil, 39, b Jan 21, 1875, and Balbina Yates Gil, 31, b Mar 30, 1883. Children are: Jasper Edward Gil, 10, b 1903; Harold Jerome Gil, 8, b 1905; Grace Angelina Gil, 7, b 1906; Rudolph Muricio Gil, 4, b 1909; Viola Gil, 2, b 1911; Eva Gil, 1, b 1913.

Possibly Vincena Volpi Pizzitoia's children

Melissa Pairlee (Best) Underwood, daughter of William Best and Lucinda Raines, with all of her children gathered at the funeral of her husband Robert A. Underwood.
front row l-r: Alfred, Carlos, Rufus, Charlie, Ernest and William.
back row l-r: Ila, Oleda, Pairlee, Geneva and Kathleen

Philip Runser family shortly after the youngest child, Katherine, was married. Most likely taken at the family homestead in Foxboro, Wisconsin. This is of the parents and their children without the in-laws.
The parents are Philip J Runser II, b 1845, and Clara Ketchum Runser, b 1848. Children's names are: Mary Anne Runser Stanton, b 1874 , Franciska Runser Coffitt, b 1882, Katherine Runser Wahl, b 1878, Joseph W Runser, b 1876, Philip J Runser III, b 1884, Clara Runser Hoss, b 1878, Belle Runser Severin, b 1880, Robert A Runser, b 1872.

The Basham family, c 1917, with eight sons, three of whom appear to be in WWI military service. See the photo for names.

Puente family, 1922. The last and maybe only photo taken of the entire family just before the death of daughter Teresa, seated in front row (4th from the left).

Front: Maria, Paula, Leonila, Teresa, Florentina, Narciso
Middle: Jose (Jr), Dolores (Salazar), Jose Eutimio Puente, Anselmo, Epimenio
Back: Herminia, Teodora, (one of the three girls isn't named), Francisco, Abdon


Géder Luís Goulart Barbosa said...

Sou um "Puente" do sul do Brasil e gostaria de saber a origem desta onde são naturais estes "Puente" ???

Natalia said...

Estes todos são ligados das caras antigas. Para ver a entrada original ir a e procurarar os nomes.

Eu não pesquiso estas famílias e não tenho nenhuma informação da família. Eu sou pesaroso que eu não posso ser mais útil.


Nicole L Puente Griffin said...

The Puente Family is my family. Narciso was my grandfather and I lived with Pauline (Paula), Florentina (Tina), and Teodora. My dad Narciso Jr. who is still alive today has told me many stories about almost all the siblings. Where did you obtain this photo from? We have a lot of old photos of the family as my parents still live in the last residence of the Puente Family. But, we do not have this photo. I recognize almost the faces too!

Natalia said...


I just saw your comment (blogger failed to send me notification so I didn't realize until now) and am so pleased that you have found a new picture of your family!!! I would love to print some of the stories your father has told of his childhood (if they are family friendly! lol) I got the photo from To find it, just go to the site and search the name. Okay, I'll do it, it's at

You can even contact the person who posted the photo and maybe find some long-lost family! Please let me know if your do as I would love to know.

All the best. I would write you separately but I am not a myspace member.

Thank you for commenting!

Anonymous said...

I just found this picture, my grand father is Epimenio, I do not know any of the Puente's because I was born out of wedlock. Many people know my family and I've been looking for information. I would love to hear those stories as well.

Kimberly Puente Maum

Natalia said...

Kimberly, thank you so much for writing. I'm so happy you found some family here! I don't have any information on them myself. Have you tried going to the place where I got it,, yet? Just search the name. It will show the member who posted it. You can see their other submissions by clicking on their member name. You can also contact them and tell them about yourself, they may be able to help.

All the best!